Shadows Over Sol: Heir to Darkness

Shadows Over Sol: Heir to Darkness

When the child heir to a powerful family has been "misplaced" and sold into indenture in the Belt, the team is hired to look into the whereabouts of the missing kid. But there is more in motion than meets the eye, as the team will soon to run afoul of corporate spies, bounty hunters and a bizarre cult.

In the process the team will be led on a race against time across the Main Belt, and will uncover a secret that some would kill to to see buried. In the end, the team may need to ensure that they are not the next targets.

Shadows Over Sol: Heir to Darkness is an adventure supplement for Shadows Over Sol. It can be ran as either a standalone scenario or as a direct follow-up to the Shadows Over Sol: Small Mercy adventure. It features a labyrinthine investigative horror scenario that is designed to run between one and three gaming sessions.

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