Dime Adventures

Dime Adventures Pulp Alternate History Roleplaying

The year is 1904, but in a world that never was!

Dinosaurs still roam forgotten corners of the land. Alien influences operate from the skies. Mystics wield ancient powers. Strange new sciences promise to change the world. The dead rise from the grave. All the while, modern movements sweep the globe, and bold explorers venture deep into the unknown or delve into forgotten ruins.

The world is ripe for adventure!

Dime Adventures is a pulp alternate history roleplaying game using the Saga Machine system. Its features include:

  • An in-depth look at the Dime Adventures pulp alternate history setting! Venture across seven continents and beyond!
  • Adventure hooks galore! Thrills! Chills! Spills! Romance! Mystic powers! Aliens! Dinosaurs! Science and technology!
  • A fast, fun and flexible character creation system. Be the big damn pulp hero you always wanted to be!
  • Systems for personal combat, heroes, villains, duels, social encounters, inventions, exciting chase scenes and more!

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Dime Adventures

Products for Dime Adventures

Code Product Price Wishlist Purchase
TAB-1201 Dime Adventures: Pulp Alternate History Roleplaying $14.99
TAB-1205 Dime Adventures: Mystic Secrets $4.99
TAB-1206 Dime Adventures: Cryptid Codex $4.99
TAB-1200 Dime Adventures: Quick-Start Free!
TAB-1207 Dime Adventures: Ready-Made Heroes $4.99
TAB-1208 Dime Adventures: World's Fair $4.99
TAB-1209 Dime Adventures: Circles in the Sky $4.99
TAB-1210 Dime Adventures: Expedition Beyond Mount Terror $4.99
TAB-1211 Dime Adventures: Rains of Africa $4.99
TAB-1212 Dime Adventures: Prairie Dogs Ripped My Flesh! $4.99
TAB-1213 Dime Adventures: Strange Night at the Creedmoor Hotel $4.99
TAB-1214 Dime Adventures: Wild Hunt $4.99
TAB-1203 Dime Adventures: GM Screen Inserts $4.99
TAB-1202 Dime Adventures: Consequence Cards $4.99
TAB-1204 Dime Adventures: Arth Poster Map $1.99
TAB-1200-1 Dime Adventures: Best Possible Life $0.99
TAB-1200-2 Dime Adventures: The Deadly Dive $0.99
TAB-1200-3 Dime Adventures: Peril of the Amazon $0.99
TAB-1200-4 Dime Adventures: Ballgame Diplomacy $0.99