Dime Adventures: Cryptid Codex

Dime Adventures: Cryptid Codex

The world is full of odd beasts and mysterious denizens. Monsters are stranger and far more common than most people imagine. Often these cryptids lurk at the edges of civilization, other times they walk among us. Dime Adventures: Cryptid Codex provides a wealth of new beasts to challenge even the bravest heroes!

Cryptid Codex is a key supplement for Dime Adventures: Pulp Alternate History Roleplaying. Its features include:

  • Almost sixty new monsters for the Dime Adventures¬†roleplaying game!
  • Background on the fae, vampires and how to use these creatures in your campaign.
  • Advice on coming up with plots involving cryptids, including how to make them both narratively interesting and a challenge for heroes.
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