Dime Adventures: Wild Hunt

Dime Adventures: Wild Hunt

The heroes have been captured by the nefarious Laird Dougal Colquhoun, a sinister villain who traces his lineage back to the ancient aos sìth of the Celtic Kingdoms. They have been disarmed, brought to his private island, fed and now they are to be hunted by the Laird as the most dangerous game.

But there is more to the island and its keeper than meets the eye. The heroes will have to improvise, adapt and defeat Laird Colquhoun on his own terms, all the while uncovering the secret of the island.

Wild Hunt is a thrilling adventure supplement for Dime Adventures. It is designed to run between one to three gaming sessions.

Designed for use with Dime Adventures: Pulp Alternate History Roleplaying.

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Dime Adventures: Wild Hunt