Shadows Over Sol

Shadows Over Sol Science Fiction Horror Roleplaying

A future of hard sci-fi and horror...

Two hundred years from now what should be the shining beacon of the future is instead cloaked in conspiracy and horror. Humankind has expanded throughout the solar system, and there it has discovered mysteries older than humanity.

The culture has shattered into myriad subcultures; nation-states are the hollow shells of what they once were. Corporations and other groups wage small-scale wars in the streets or in space. Bioengineered horrors left over from these conflicts stalk the hulls of ruined stations and abandoned colonies.

But for an enterprising team willing to brave the horrors, there’s always a profit to be made.

Shadows Over Sol is a hard science fiction horror roleplaying game using the Saga Machine system. Its features include:

  • Discover the secrets of the Sol system, with multiple GM options to keep players on their toes.
  • Support for a wide spectrum of play in the science fiction and horror genres.
  • A fully-realized setting with a detailed breakdown of both social dynamics and the solar system, from Mercury to the Oort Cloud.
  • Systems for personal combat, engineering, hacking and more!

Core Character Sheets

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Siren's Call Colony Sheets

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Jovian Whispers

Jovian Whispers is a campaign and sourcebook for the Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game. On April 1, 2209, without warning, all four Jovian colonies went silent. No one knows the cause of this mysterious event, but somewhere in the dark and ruined colonies of Jupiter the Insurrection Virus uses its clanking machines to plot the downfall of all humanity...

Siren's Call

Siren’s Call is the first major expansion for the Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game. It follows the story of the ARC Project, humanity's first ever attempt to launch an interstellar colony ship. It is one of the most ambitious endeavors ever undertaken. If successful, it will transport some 10,000 colonists to the planet Siren, orbiting Alpha Centauri A.

Shadows Over Sol

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TAB-1101-Print Shadows Over Sol: Science Fiction Horror Roleplaying $34.99
TAB-1117-Print Shadows Over Sol: Siren's Call $34.99
TAB-1129 Shadows Over Sol: Jovian Whispers $14.99
TAB-1102 Shadows Over Sol: Shiny New Toys $4.99
TAB-1104 Shadows Over Sol: Beyond Human $4.99
TAB-1103 Shadows Over Sol: Fatal Frontier $4.99
TAB-1109 Shadows Over Sol: Ready-Made Heroes $4.99
TAB-1116 Shadows Over Sol: Quick-Start (Revised) Free!
TAB-1118 Shadows Over Sol: Siren's Call Player's Brief $4.99
TAB-1123 Shadows Over Sol: Contacts $4.99
TAB-1105 Shadows Over Sol: Small Mercy $4.99
TAB-1106 Shadows Over Sol: Eviction Notice $4.99
TAB-1111 Shadows Over Sol: Dreams and Dust $4.99
TAB-1112 Shadows Over Sol: Heir to Darkness $4.99
TAB-1113 Shadows Over Sol: Lethal Inheritance $4.99
TAB-1114 Shadows Over Sol: Return to Titan $4.99
TAB-1115 Shadows Over Sol: Thirst $4.99
TAB-1122 Shadows Over Sol: The Nereus Incident $4.99
TAB-1124 Shadows Over Sol: Abuja Fallout Zone $4.99
TAB-1125 Shadows Over Sol: Escape From Caikuang Station $4.99
TAB-1126 Shadows Over Sol: Crash Zone $4.99
TAB-1127 Shadows Over Sol: Into the Flames $4.99
TAB-1128 Shadows Over Sol: Visions $4.99
TAB-1131 Shadows Over Sol: Jovian Missions $4.99
TAB-1132 Shadows Over Sol: Disjunction $4.99