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Shadows Over Sol: Siren's Call Player's Brief

Today we are thrilled to announce the release of the Shadows Over Sol: Siren's Call Player's Brief! This 64-page booklet collects all of the player-facing information from Siren's Call. It may be purchased separately or comes bundled with the mail Siren's Call campaign and sourcebook. From the blurb:

Humanity’s first step beyond the Sol system might be its last.

The ARC Project is humanity’s first ever attempt to build and launch an interstellar colony vessel. It is one of the most ambitious endeavors ever undertaken. If successful, it will transport some 10,000 colonists the 4.4 light years from Sol to the planet Siren, orbiting Alpha Centauri A.

The journey will take 400 years, with all passengers and crew in stasis. No one knows exactly what will be found on the other side—what challenges and horrors the colonists will face as they make a life on this new world.

Siren’s Call: Player’s Brief is a player’s companion to the Siren’s Call campaign and sourcebook. It contains all of the player-facing information necessary to participate in a Siren’s Call campaign.

Siren's Call Player's Brief

Other Updates

  • The PDF of Siren's Call has been sent to the printers and we have reviewed the digital proof.
  • The Nereus Incident is fully written and is now in editing.
  • We have a surprise release prepared for next week.