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Every three months, through our Patreon, we release an adventure or other short supplement for Against the Dark Yogi, Shadows Over Sol or Dime Adventures. Patrons get early access to these supplements, receive both a PDF and "at cost" print copy, and always get them for cheaper than retail price.

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Happy New Years From Tab Creations

While 2020 was a year for the history books, we hope that 2021 brings everyone great hope, joy and plentiful gaming. We couldn't have gotten to this point without you, our loyal fans, and we hope that each of has the very best new year!

By way of a quick update: Age of Ambition: A Little Murder, our January release, is almost finished. We're just waiting on one final piece of art. Meanwhile, a date has been decided for our next Shadows Over Sol Kickstarter. For now, I can say that it's coming in April. Patrons will have a preview of it in the next few weeks.

That's it for now. Happy New Years from all of us at Tab Creations!