Saga Machine Unified

Saga Machine, our in-house RPG system, has evolved significantly since its initial release. As we look to the future and consider the possibility of new editions of our games, we want to streamline and unify our mechanics.

Your feedback is critical in helping define the future of Saga Machine!

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Tab Update: Second Quarter 2024

Hello, friends, fans and gaming family! The second quarter may almost be over, but we haven't forgotten its regularly scheduled Tab Update!

Since the last update we've been busy. Our main focus was on the Beyond Earth Kickstarter, as well as the accompanying sale on our products. Together we funded two new Shadows Over Sol scenarios: The Cytherean Malignancy and Mercurial Ruin. They were first released through our Patreon, then to backers and then to the general public.

Since the last update, we also released a one-sheet for Dime Adventures: Ballgame Diplomacy. In addition, we released two new playtest packets for the ongoing Saga Machine Unified playtest.

Speaking of which, the latest playtest packet is the final packet scheduled for public release. Check it out now! Your feedback helps determine the future direction of the Saga Machine system!

Finally, throughout the quarter we've made quiet but steady progress on both our next Age of Ambition campaign, as well as Foundry VTT support for our products.

Looking to the future, next month Age of Ambition: The Black Auction goes out to our patrons, followed by release to the general public in early August. We plan to wrap up the public Saga Machine Unified playtest sometime around the end of the quarter. We also plan to announce the crowdfunding details of our next two big projects this quarter as well. The specifics will have to wait, but for now I'll give you a hint: one is the next campaign for Age of Ambition, while the other is a major development for Shadows Over Sol!

That's all for now. Have a great quarter, and good gaming, everyone!

Tab Creations on Patreon

Every three months, through our Patreon, we release an adventure or other short supplement for Against the Dark Yogi, Shadows Over Sol or Age of Ambition. Patrons get early access to these supplements, receive both a PDF and "at cost" print copy, and always get them for cheaper than retail price.

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