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Jovian Whispers: Week 3

The work on Jovian Whispers is progressing and everything is on schedule! This week we completed the layout of and moved the campaign firmly into the art direction stage. We also edited Trouble on Jackral V, the first of the unlocked one-sheet scenarios, and continue to commission new art. Finally, although it's not strictly Kickstarter-related, we started writing Escape From Prison Isle, our July Patreon release. Right now I'd estimate it's about 20% written.

Later today, we plan to start sending out the PDF add-ons that backers have purchased. In the upcoming week, we plan to do the layout for Trouble on Jackral V. I want to get Escape From Prison Isle at least 50% written. And we will continue to commission new artwork until all of the pieces are actively underway.

Here is where everything currently stands:


  • One-Sheet Scenario #2
  • One-Sheet Scenario #3
  • One-Sheet Scenario #4
  • Jovian Epilogue document
  • System Hacks document

Writing / Art Production

  • Sol System poster map
  • Escape From Prison Isle scenario (July Patreon release)


  • Trouble on Jackral V (One-Sheet Scenario #1)

Art Direction

  • Jovian Whispers campaign and sourcebook

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