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Every three months, through our Patreon, we release an adventure or other short supplement for Against the Dark Yogi, Shadows Over Sol or Dime Adventures. Patrons get early access to these supplements, receive both a PDF and "at cost" print copy, and always get them for cheaper than retail price.

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Shadows Over Sol: The Aerarium Contingency

Today we are happy to announce our eighth One-Sheet Scenario, Shadows Over Sol: The Aerarium Contingency! This scenario was made possible by the Jovian Whispers Kickstarter. Download it today through this website or DriveThruRPG.

While performing a search and rescue operation on the moon Adrastea, the team is faced with an outbreak of the Insurrection Virus that is cut off as desperate to spread.

Jovian Whispers Update

Our fullment partner has all of the Jovian Whispers rewards and the shipping process has begun! We'll make a new Kickstarter post once all of the rewards have been sent out. Meanwhile, the final two PDF documents have been sent to backers and will be made available to the general public through our website sometime in the coming weeks.

Here is where everything currently stands:

Released to Backers, But Not Yet the General Public

  • Jovian Epilogue document
  • System Hacks document


  • Jovian Whispers campaign and sourcebook (printing proof reviewed and print copies ordered)
  • Sol System poster map
  • Trouble on Jackral V
  • Fate of the Calamitas
  • Outbreak on Adrastea
  • The Aerarium Contingency