Shadows Over Sol: Eviction Notice

Shadows Over Sol: Eviction Notice

On Mars, a small-time gang has taken up residence in the ruins of Vidhi Colony. The team has been called in to rid the ruins of this menace, but gangers won’t be the only threat awaiting them on the Red Planet.

This scenario will immerse the players in the seedy Martian underworld, introducing them to the feared Rakhimov Syndicate. It will send the team on a journey across the Martian outback, isolating them and pitting them against some of the most fearsome beasts that have ever been bioengineered. In the process, the scrappers will face off against a deadly gang and stumble upon a buried secret.

Shadows Over Sol: Eviction Notice is an adventure supplement for Shadows Over Sol. It features an exciting action horror scenario, and is designed to run anywhere between one and three gaming sessions.

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