Shadows Over Sol: Colony Ship Deckplans

Shadows Over Sol: Colony Ship Deckplans

The ARC Project is one of the most ambitious endeavors ever undertaken. If successful, it will transport some 10,000 colonists on a 400 year journey from Sol to the planet Siren, orbiting Alpha Centauri A.

No one knows exactly what will be found on the other side — what challenges and horrors the colonists would face as they made a life on this new world. Humanity's first step beyond the Sol system might be its last.

Now you can have your own 12" x 18" deckplan poster of the ARC Colony Ship, a perfect companion to any Siren's Call campaign.

Designed for use with the Siren's Call: Interstellar Colonization Roleplaying campaign and sourcebook for Shadows Over Sol.

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Colony Ship Deckplans