Tab Update: Third Quarter 2017

Tab Update: Third Quarter 2017

This is an interesting time for us at Tab Creations. It’s one of those rare and delicate moments where we’re between projects, where we can stop and take a breather rather than running, screaming a battle cry, at whatever deadline happens to be nearest.

Let us take a moment to review.

Dime Adventures is the biggest project that has been on our plates for the last couple quarters. I am happy to say that as of last week all rewards have been delivered to backers. And that’s a lot of rewards! We hope that everyone is enjoying the third game in the Saga Machine family. And to our backers, we want to extend another giant “Thank You!”

Speaking of which, our Patreon continues hurtle forward. Through it, at the end of the month we are releasing the scenario, Dime Adventures: Rains of Africa. This is the first Dime Adventures release outside of the Kickstarter. You can read more about it on our Patreon page. We also want to extend a second giant “Thank You!” to our patrons.

Next: If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re doing it from our website. And you may have noticed that the website looks different. You might be saying to yourself that it’s got a certain pizazz that wasn’t present before. You would be right.

Last week we released our new website—the first major overhaul in five years. It’s running a new codebase, with a modern design and modern security, on a brand new web host. Needless to say that’s involved a lot of tech changes. There have been a couple minor bugs, but we’re in the process of working them out, and in fact hope to finish that this weekend.

In the next couple weeks we will launch our online store. This is new territory for us, as in the past we have usually relied on third-parties markets like DriveThruRPG or Studio2 to sell our games. Expect more on this once the store goes live!

Meanwhile, we continue to release Shadows Over Sol books through Studio2 and thus traditional distribution. A couple quarters ago we released the Shadows Over Sol core rulebook. This last quarter we released Shadows Over Sol: Shiny New Toys. In the upcoming months we plan to release Shadows Over Sol: Beyond Human. If these continue to sell well enough, we’ll continue to make releases!

Earlier this month we had our biannual company face-to-face meeting. These are meetings where we discuss how things have been working out and what we plan to pursue on in the future. A lot of it is dry financials and business planning, but we also do a fair share of creative work. Here are the two big announcements I can make:

Work has now officially started on our next big roleplaying Kickstarter. It will be a “feature-length” expansion for Shadows Over Sol, which will focus on interstellar colonization. It will be a combined sourcebook and full-length campaign. Included in the expansion will be rules for building and managing an interstellar colony, new character options, more information on the ARC Project (humanity’s first interstellar colony ship), a gazetteer of the Alpha Centauri system and a complete campaign arc, with numerous seeds for side-plots and further exploration.

Right now this expansion is in the outline stage, but we expect writing and playtesting to begin in the next few weeks. Expect DevBlog posts about it and further announcements in the not-too-distant future.

Finally, during the biannual meeting we green-lit further development on We’re All Going to Die Here, our comedy horror card game. For those of you who aren’t in the know, a few years ago it was our one failed Kickstarter. And while it didn’t fund, we learned a lot from the experience. Since that time, new printing options have become available for card games and we’ve refined our design. This means that we can structure he financials differently and make the game easier to fund. Expect more announcements about this in the upcoming months.

That’s all for now. Good gaming!

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