Tab Update: Second Quarter 2017

Tab Update: Second Quarter 2017

Wow. We’ve been busy. The quarter is almost halfway over, but it's not too late for the usual Tab Update. I can sum up our work since the last Tab Update as: Dime Adventures, Dime Adventures, Dime Adventures.

As you’ve probably read by now, the Dime Adventures Kickstarter was a success! Not only did we raise enough to fund the core game, but we unlocked numerous supplements and add-ons as well! As of right now, the core rulebook is close to completion. We’re expecting the printing proof in the mail any day now. The unlocked add-ons are in various stages of development, from queued for release after the core rulebook, to still being written. We expect to release the core rulebook as early as next week (assuming the printing proof has no issues), then the unlocked supplements will follow, one a week until they are all released. Right now you can download the Dime: Adventures Quick-Start, which we released at the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign.

In other news, our Patreon project continues to sail forward. Earlier this quarter we released our fourth adventure through it, Shadows Over Sol: Lethal Inheritance. The next release will be in July, and will be a scenario called Dime Adventures: Rains of Africa. Read more about it on our Patreon page.

Looking to the future, we still have quite a bit more Dime Adventures work to do, but it should clear up somewhere around July. Of course, we also have the aforementioned July Patreon release in the works. After that, things are a bit more open. We’ve been discussing a potential relaunch of our comedy horror card game, We’re All Going to Die Here. We’ve also been kicking around some ideas of potential future roleplaying games. Unfortunately, we have nothing substantial to announce on that front yet. Expect some sort of announcement next quarter, when a bit more of the Dime Adventures work is behind us.

That’s all for now! Good gaming, everyone!

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