Tab Update: Q3 2016

Tab Update: Q3 2016

Hello Tab Creations Fans!

It’s time for the usual quarterly Tab Update, this time looking back at Q2 2016 and looking ahead to the rest of Q3.

This past quarter held big personal life changes for some of us at Tab Creations. Things like marriages, day job changes and moves across the country distracted us from writing and game development. Nevertheless, we have some great people who stepped in to fill the gaps!

Last quarter we had the first release in our Saga Machine Patreon campaign. We released Against the Dark Yogi: The Amitra Gemstone. Patrons Supreme have also already seen the draft text of our next release in the Patreon, Shadows Over Sol: Dreams and Dust. This adventure will see release at the end of July.

Meanwhile, our contract new distribution contract with Studio 2 Publishing has gone forward. We’ve received the advance copies of the offset printing of Shadows Over Sol. Copies should be available in store through traditional distribution channels in August!

In assorted news, we also released the Shadows Over Sol Bundle on DriveThruRPG. And Roll20 support was added for Against the Dark Yogi.

Finally, work is continuing on our next game, Dime Adventures! It’s a pulp alternate history game using the Saga Machine system - the same as for Against the Dark Yogi and Shadows Over Sol. It’s just entering its final round of closed beta testing. Our Patreon backers should see its public beta test sometime late this summer.

That’s it for now. Good gaming!

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