Tab Update: Second Quarter 2018

Tab Update: Second Quarter 2018

Since we've been so busy with the Siren's Call Kickstarter, I've been putting off making this quarter's Tab Update. But the time has arrived.

So far this year we have made two new releases, both through our Patreon. These would be Against the Dark Yogi: The Serpent's Brood and Shadows Over Sol: Thirst. We've also released updates to our Shadows Over Sol Consequence Cards, GM Screen Inserts and Roll20 character sheet. These last three were made possible as stretch goals through the aforementioned Siren's Call Kickstarter.

Speaking of the Kickstarter, the funding period was a great success! We achieved our highest funding total to date and in doing so proved to ourselves that Kickstarting large supplements is a financially viable option. This is great news, as it opens a new avenue for keeping our game lines well-supported and active!

With this Kickstarter we also tried an experimental cross-promotion with our Patreon. The feedback we hard from backers on this was mixed, but it did successfully spread the word that our Patreon exists, and was a nice boost. At the moment we are undecided about whether to try this sort of cross-promotion again in the future, and we would love to hear your opinion.

Since the close of the Kickstarter's funding period, pretty much all of our effort has been put into producing the final game and delivering the early rewards to backers. We expect this to continue to be the case for the rest of the quarter. As the game is being produced, we will also continue to post weekly updates on its progress (see the posts for Week 1, 2 and 3).

The quick summary is that at the moment, Siren's Call is a little more than halfway through its initial layout. Once that is complete, we then need to put the game through art direction and final proofing before delivering it to backers.

That's all for now! Good gaming!

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