Tab Update: Fourth Quarter 2017

Tab Update: Fourth Quarter 2017

Wow! It's the final quarter of 2017 already. As usual, we've kept ourselves busy. So let's go over what Tab Creations has been working on!

This past quarter our main focus has been on writing and playtesting the first major expansion for Shadows Over Sol! The working title is Siren's Call, and if you haven't read our blog post with the full announcement, you should go do that now! It is a combined sourcebook and campaign that follows the events of the ARC Project and humanity's first interstellar colonization effort.

As of this post, 84 pages of Siren's Call have been written, and we're moving closer to Phase 2 of the playtest. We're aiming for a Kickstarter for the book sometime early next year. We've also posted a couple DevBlog posts about the upcoming release and plan to make several more such posts in the coming months.

Speaking of Shadows Over Sol, the core book just made DriveThruRPG's electrum best seller list! It's also on sale right now! This is great news! And in equally great news, Shadows Over Sol: Beyond Human is all set to go for release later this quarter through Studio 2.

Meanwhile, our Patreon campaign continues forward successfully. Last quarter, as part of the Patreon, we released Dime Adventures: Rains of Africa. Later this month we plan to release Shadows Over Sol: Return to Titan. Then, in January, we plan to release Against the Dark Yogi: The Serpent's Brood.

Last but not least, work continues to prepare for the relaunch of our comedy horror card game, We're All Going to Die Here. Promo art has been coming in, and it looks scary good! We can't wait for all of you to see it! Expect the crowdfunding campaign sometime early-to-mid next year.

And that's all for the moment! Good gaming!

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