Tab Update: Q4 2016

Tab Update: Q4 2016

This is it: the 2016 Quarter 4 Tab Update. I’m a bit late posting it this quarter, but we’ve been busy! So let’s dive in.

Our Saga Machine Patreon campaign continues to march forward. Through it, last quarter we released Shadows Over Sol: Dreams and Dust. So far this quarter we’ve also made the next Patreon release, Shadows Over Sol: Heir to Darkness. Next quarter we’ll be releasing the Dime Adventures: Quick Start.

Speaking of Dime Adventures, it is our upcoming pulp alternate history roleplaying game. It’s about to enter the last round of its open beta. Expect a post regarding that in the next couple weeks. It’s also scheduled for a Kickstarter in January. If you don’t follow our Development Blog, we’ve already made two development posts about the game and more are forthcoming!

On other fronts, Shadows Over Sol started appearing in brick-and-mortar stores last quarter! This is our first foray into the world of traditional distribution, so look for it at your friendly local game store! We’re still mulling over the initial sales numbers as they come in. It’s an adventure!

Shadows Over Sol was also featured last month in the Bundle of Holding. This was a great boost, and as always we love working with the Bundle.

So that was the last quarter and change. Here’s what we have to look forward to next quarter:

As we mentioned earlier, the biggest item on the agenda is the upcoming Dime Adventures kickstarter. This will be accompanied by the release of the Dime Adventures: Quick-Start and assorted promotional material.

We also plan to continue our Patreon campaign and evaluate traditional distribution. As far as the Patreon campaign goes, we have two possible adventures in the outline stage, although writing is being held off until after the upcoming Kickstarter’s fundraising period. One is an Against the Dark Yogi adventure and the other is for Shadows Over Sol. More on those as the Patreon campaign continues.

That’s it for now! Have a good rest of the year!

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