Tab Update: Q1 2017

Tab Update: Q1 2017

It’s that time of year when we not only write about the events of the past quarter, but give a retrospective on the year as a whole, accompanied by a few glimpses of what the new year will bring.

In the last quarter we had only one release, Shadows Over Sol: Heir to Darkness. As with the last few releases, this was funded by the generous backers of our Patreon. The Shadows Over Sol core rulebook was also featured in the Bundle of Holding.

The reason we had only one release this quarter is that much of our energy was taken up preparing for our next big Kickstarter! It will launch in just a few days (January 10th, 2017). Mark your calendars!

The Kickstarter will introduce Dime Adventures, a roleplaying game of alternate history and pulp action! The Kickstarter’s launch will be accompanied by the release of the Dime Adventures: Quick-Start, both for our Patreon backers and on DriveThruRPG.

Assuming it is a success, fulfilling the Kickstarter is likely to take up the bulk of our efforts during the first half of 2017. Later in the year those efforts are likely to shift to work on our next roleplaying game and a possible relaunch of our comedy horror card game, We’re All Going to Die Here.

Meanwhile, our Patreon will continue to produce new adventures and other supplemental material for our established game lines. Shadows Over Sol has another adventure in the works, as does Against the Dark Yogi. Assuming Dime Adventures is a success, it’s likely to see support as well. We currently plan four Patreon adventure releases, the aforementioned Quick-Start in January, then an adventure in April, July and October.

Looking back, 2016 was our best year yet! We fulfilled the rewards for the Shadows Over Sol Kickstarter, launched our Patreon campaign, have seven new DriveThruRPG bestsellers, released three additional adventures, were featured in the Bundle of Holding, ran a successful playtest for Dime Adventures and broke into traditional distribution! We look forward to more great things to come.

That’s it for now! Happy New Year!

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