Dime Adventures: Lost Continents

Dime Adventures: Lost Continents

In today's preview of Dime Adventures, our upcoming pulp alternate history roleplaying game, we take a look at the lost continents that have existed around the world. We also want to remind you that the Dime Adventures Kickstarter launches a week from today, January 10th!

A number of lost continents once existed on Arth. While these ancient lands may be destroyed, they live on legend and in what they left behind.


The most famous lost continent is that of Atlantis, an island empire that once existed in the Atlantic Ocean. Its civilization was advanced for the era, with great walls constructed of brass, tin and a precious metal known as orichalcum. The ambitions of Atlantis were great; its armies conquered many lands in the western Mediterranean, bringing the conquered peoples back as slaves. At the height of its power, however, the island was destroyed in a single day and night. It is said that the people of Atlantis angered the gods, and they tore the land apart before it sunk into the sea.


In the Pacific Ocean, the continent of Mu once stretched from Easter Island, to Hawaii, to Guam. This land was inhabited by the Naacal people, among others, who possessed an advanced civilization for the day. Oceangoing voyages from the island influenced many nearby cultures. The continent, however, was an unstable one. It was held above sea level by the expansion of underground volcanic gasses. In a short but cataclysmic event around 9500 BC the pockets of gas burst in a great earthquake; the broken land fell into a fiery abyss, and the seawater rushed in to consume the ruins of the civilization.


Lemuria is a lost swath of land that once connected the Indian subcontinent to Madagascar. While not a true continent, it was said to have been home to a strange race of creatures. While humanoid, these Lemurians stood 7 feet (2.1m) tall, laid eggs and were hermaphroditic. They were said to be masters of the sorcerous arts, especially astral projection. No cataclysmic event is recorded destroying Lemuria. The land simply ceased to exist sometime around 6,000 BC. Perhaps it fell victim to some great mystical accident, or maybe a great ritual caused it to depart from the world entirely. Reports exist, however, of surviving Lemurians seen in and around Mount Shasta, along North America's Pacific coast.

Dime Adventures is our upcoming pulp alternate history RPG. Its Kickstarter is scheduled to begin January 10th. In the meantime, you can sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter is ready.

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