Age of Ambition: Quick-Start

Age of Ambition: Quick-Start

Welcome to a brave new age of promise or peril...

Age of Ambition is a fantasy roleplaying game set in a world rapidly leaving the traditional fantasy milieu behind. It’s the game of forward-facing fantasy! Where the heroes help guide the world into a brave new era of promise or peril.

So strap on your breastplate and pick up your pistol. There are discoveries to make, wrongs to right, tyrants to overthrow and new social orders to trial.

The Age of Ambition: Quick-Start provides all the rules necessary for new players to dive into a game of forward-facing fantasy. Features of the quick-start include:

  • A brief overview of the Age of Ambition setting.
  • A complete fantasy scenario designed for a single evening’s play.
  • Five pre-generated player characters, including the required stats and background information.
  • All of the game rules necessary to play the included scenario, as well as to give players a taste of the world of Trystell and the Saga Machine system.
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Age of Ambition: Quick-Start