Age of Ambition: Character Options

Age of Ambition: Character Options

Additional options for the creation of aspiring heroes

Even though the Age of Ambition core rulebook comes jam-packed with lifepath and character options, not even it can contain all of the archetypes, concepts and abilities that Trystell has to offer.

Age of Ambition: Character Options contains a variety of new choices, both for players making a new character and for GMs looking to customize the lifepath system for their campaigns. Its features include:

  • Lifepath options for creating more experienced starting heroes and for increased player control.
  • Astrological Birth Fortune tables designed for creating heroes influenced by the stars.
  • Two new Fighting Styles, a new Arcane Lore, two new Traits, rules for hybrid peoples and a new Career.
  • Numerous optional tables for establishing your hero’s name, creed, idiosyncrasy, appearance, distinguishing features, personality and background.

Designed for use with Age of Ambition: Fantasy Roleplaying in an Age of Promise or Peril.

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Age of Ambition: Character Options