Age of Ambition: Playtest Update

Age of Ambition: Playtest Update

Age of Ambition

TheĀ Age of Ambition public playtest just got a major update (Playtest 9)! Features of this update include revised social conflict rules, an expanded bestiary, a change to the Luck mechanic and a revised equipment list.

In case you haven't heard, Age of Ambition is our upcoming fantasy roleplaying game, set on a world rapidly leaving the traditional fantasy milieu behind. It's the game of forward-facing fantasy! Where the heroes help guide the world into a brave new era of promise or peril. Invent new technologies or magics! Dethrone a tyrant king and usher in a republic! Make your fortune trading up and down the coasts!

Sign up to for the public playtest today!

Meanwhile, as the playtest continues, we've been commissioning the initial art and writing the final sections of the game. The plan is to begin sending chapters to the editor next month, with a Kickstarter to launch sometime early next year. Plans for the Age of Ambition: Quick-Start have also been drawn up, and it should be released to DriveThruRPG and our Patreon alongside the Kickstarter.

We look forward to hearing feedback on the new playtest. Good gaming!

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