Age of Ambition Character & Lifepath Sheets

Age of Ambition Character & Lifepath Sheets

We unofficially let it slip a couple weeks ago, but now we're officially ready to announce the release of the Age of Ambition character sheet and lifepath sheet, in both basic and form-fillable formats!

Although the core rulebook hasn't been released yet, these sheets are compatible with the Age of Ambition: Quick-Start and will be even more useful to you if you preorder the core game. You can find both sheets linked below.

Missed the Kickstarter?

No problem! Preorders for Age of Ambition are now live!

Age of Ambition Update

It's now been three weeks since theĀ Age of Ambition Kickstarter ended. So far everything is on schedule.

Over the weekend we sent out surveys to all backers. If you're a backer and haven't filled out your survey yet, please do so ASAP. We've also started sending out add-on PDFs to backers who ordered them. Other work this week includes progress on finalizing the core rulebook layout (now about 50% complete), writing progress on the Character Options supplement and commissioned art keeps rolling in.

Here's how everything stands:

Core Rulebook

  • Initial layout is complete and we've started making our way through the book to finalize the layout, fill in blank spaces and insert spot art. At the moment that effort is about 50% complete.
  • We have three artists hard at work on the game with active commissions. The final pieces that need to be commissioned have been outlined. There are currently 13 pieces waiting in the queue.


  • Out of Shackles adventure
  • Time Forgot adventure
  • Rise to Power adventure

Writing / Content Production

  • Player Options supplement
  • Campaign Options supplement
  • Bestiary supplement
  • Poster Map (commissioned)


  • Roll20 Character Sheet

Printing Proof

  • GM Screen Inserts
  • Consequence Cards


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