Age of Ambition: 1 Month Report

Age of Ambition: 1 Month Report

The world is a strange place right now amid the COVID-19 outbreak, so I'll make this post quick. It's been roughly a month since the Age of Ambition Kickstarter came to a close.

Surveys are out. We've been sending out add-on PDFs. So far everything is on schedule.

As I write this, the layout is roughly 83% complete by page count. We currently have two active art commissions, and another 10 pieces wait in the queue. The printing proof of the consequence cards arrived and has been approved. The printing proof of the GM screen inserts also arrived, but it has an issue that will need to be fixed and a new printing proof ordered.

With any luck, the layout will be complete (sans the remaining art and page references) by this time next week. Once the layout is finished, we can begin turning our full attention to writing the unlocked supplements.

Stay healthy, everyone!

Missed the Kickstarter?

No problem! Preorders for Age of Ambition are now live!

Age of Ambition Update

Core Rulebook

  • Layout is 83% complete (not counting page references and indexes).
  • Two active art commissions and 10 pieces waiting in the queue.


  • Out of Shackles adventure
  • Time Forgot adventure
  • Rise to Power adventure

Writing / Content Production

  • Player Options supplement
  • Campaign Options supplement
  • Bestiary supplement
  • Poster Map (commissioned)


  • Roll20 Character Sheet

Printing Proof

  • GM Screen Inserts

Queued for Release / Released

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