Age of Ambition: Week 5

Age of Ambition: Week 5

Hello, everyone! This week we've made some great progress.

The layout of the Age of Ambition core rulebook is very nearly complete! All that remains is to the insert the page references, generate the index and wait for the remaining pieces of art to come in. I expect that the first two of these tasks will be finished in the upcoming week. The final art pieces, on the other hand, will probably take a few more weeks to come in. At this rate, you should have the PDF in your (virtual) hands sometime in April.

The less great news is that the GM Screen Insert printing proofs have to be put on hold for now. The print service that produces them has been shut down temporarily due to COVID-19 concerns. While this is unfortunate timing for the Kickstarter, it is an understandable precaution, and I wish the best for the print service workers and their families.

If you are an Age of Ambition Kickstarter backer, make sure that you have completed your survey! We still have about 20 backers who haven't completed theirs yet. Reminder messages will be going out to those backers later today. We plan to lock the BackerKit surveys in the next couple weeks in preparation for the PDF's release.

This upcoming week, our first priority is finishing the core rulebook's layout. Our second priority is editing April's Patreon release. After that, we may manage to squeeze in a little bit of writing, but we'll see!

Stay healthy, everyone!

Missed the Kickstarter?

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Age of Ambition Progress

Core Rulebook

  • Layout is complete aside from waiting for the remaining art and inserting page references and the index.
  • Three active art commissions and 7 pieces waiting in the queue.


  • Out of Shackles adventure
  • Time Forgot adventure
  • Rise to Power adventure

Writing / Content Production

  • Player Options supplement
  • Campaign Options supplement
  • Bestiary supplement
  • Poster Map (commissioned)


  • Roll20 Character Sheet

Printing Proof

  • GM Screen Inserts (on hold until print service reopens)

Queued for Release / Released

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