What Lies Beneath: Week 11

What Lies Beneath: Week 11

This past week we released the initial version of the What Lies Beneath PDF to backers! Since then we've been integrating in feedback that we've receved from fans. We also received back more pieces of finished art and made good progress writing the unlocked One-Sheet Scenarios. Meanwhile, our semi-annual company meeting took place yesterday (expect to hear more about our future plans in future posts). And the quickstarter for The Forslin Job has been prepared, including ordering the printing proof.

This upcoming week we expect to finish the first One-Sheet Scenario. The poster map should get laid out for printing. And we'll continue to shepherd along the art. We'll also continue to make fixes to the PDF, should backers find anything that needs corrected.

Here is where everything currently stands. Entries that are underlined had their status changed since the last week.

What Lies Beneath

  • Text - Initial PDF sent to backers
  • Ongoing Art - 3 pieces
  • Queued Art - 2 pieces


  • Melanoc Poster Map - Art complete, ready for layout
  • Player's Brief - Queued for production
  • One-Sheet Scenario #1 - Writing
  • One-Sheet Scenario #2 - Outlined
  • One-Sheet Scenario #3 - Queued for production

Missed the Kickstarter?

You can still preorder the What Lies Beneath campaign and sourcebook! Just head on over to our preorder store!

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