What Lies Beneath: Week 10

What Lies Beneath: Week 10

We made excellent progress this week! Page references were added to the layout, the table of contents was generated and three art pieces came in, including the art for the poster map. As things currently stand, the book only needs the index and the last few pieces of art. We also finished proofing The Forslin Job.

This upcoming week is also likely to be a busy one. We'll add the index and then begin working on some of the unlocked extras. At the very least, the poster map should get laid out for printing, but hopefully one or two of the one-sheet scenarios will get written as well. We'll also continue to shepherd along the art. Finally, we plan to lock orders and, in about a week, send out the initial PDF to backers. Note: This won't be the final PDF; it'll likely still be missing a few pieces of art. But it should be otherwise complete. This way if people find any typos or other errors that slipped through production, we can get them fixed before the book goes to print.

Here is where everything currently stands. Entries that are underlined had their status changed since the last week.

What Lies Beneath

  • Text - Layout complete, aside from the index
  • Ongoing Art - 3 pieces
  • Contracted Art - 1 pieces
  • Queued Art - 3 pieces


  • Melanoc Poster Map - Art complete, ready for layout
  • Player's Brief - Queued for production
  • One-Sheet Scenario #1 - Writing
  • One-Sheet Scenario #2 - Outlined
  • One-Sheet Scenario #3 - Queued for production

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