Statement on the Revised OGL

Statement on the Revised OGL

Over the past several weeks, we at Tab Creations have been following the announcement of a new Open Gaming License (OGL) closely. The updated version recently released by Hasbro and its subsidiary Wizards of the Coast affects us directly, as we currently use the OGL 1.0a to make our game mechanics available to the community.

It is our opinion that Hasbro's endeavor to revise the OGL is misguided, and that any attempt to de-authorize the OGL 1.0a is based is a faulty reading of the license. We would like to encourage Hasbro to change course entirely, leaving the OGL 1.0a intact. Any attempt to de-authorize it in any way does not serve the well-being of the community.

We have also read through the draft OGL 1.2 that was released by Hasbro earlier this week, and unless the new license new changes substantially, we will not be agreeing to it. It is not an open license. It is not a fair license. It does not serve the needs of the community. It is not even a comparable license to the OGL 1.0a, as it does not define Open Game Content, nor does it define Product Identity.

We encourage everyone to respectfully let Hasbro know your opinions regarding this new license.

Meanwhile, we are watching the creation of the new Open RPG Creative License (ORC) closely, as its development is currently being spearheaded by Paizo. We have also signed on to participate in the development of this new license. We hope that it provides the community a way forward.

Rest assured that we take open gaming very seriously and want a vibrant, healthy gaming community.

Tab Creations

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