Tab Update: Third Qurter 2019

Tab Update: Third Qurter 2019

Welcome to the third Tab Update of 2019! Since the last quarterly update, we've released Dime Adventures: Wild Hunt, had our largest sale ever, worked on We're All Going to Die Here and made a ton of progress writing and playtesting Age of Ambition! So let's look at each of these in more detail.

Working backward, Age of Ambition has consumed most of our time the past few months. And it's turning out to be a great game! As a reminder, it's the roleplaying game of forward-facing fantasy, where the heroes brave new era or promise or peril, in a world that's rapidly leaving the medieval behind. Right now we're wrapping up Playtest 7, and are readying the text for its first fully public playtest next month (Playtest 8). Like our other games, it uses the Saga Machine system, but we're really left no stone unturned revising and streamlining the system for the new game. I'm very happy with the new improvements. We also now have a logo for the game, have started commissioning art and have a rough target date for its Kickstarter (late January or early February).

The other game we've been playtesting is We're All Going to Die Here, our comedy horror card game. As you may remember, we've been working on it for a long time, and playtesting has been slow. Nevertheless, I think we've made a breakthrough recently that solves one of the design issues we've had. I expect that we'll make more progress playtetsing the game next quarter.

On other news,we've been experimenting with marketing. This one is tough for us, as we have a lot of game design experience and a good amount of fulfillment and logistics experience, but none of us are particularly skilled in marketing. Towards this end, we had one of our largest sales ever in July, we've made a resolution to keep our fans updated more frequently through this blog and we have a video series in the works highlighting our games, our company and how you might apply our experiences to your own endeavors. We hope to have the first coiple videos out by the end of the year.

Finally, our Patreon continues to support our existing games. In July we released Dime Adventures: Wild Hunt. In October we plan to release Shadows Over Sol: Escape From Caikuang Station, also through the Patreon.

That's it for the update! Until next time and good gaming!

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