Tab Update: Q2 2014

Tab Update: Q2 2014

This has been a hugely successful quarter for Tab Creations, and it’s time for our usual quarterly report on our progress and setbacks. 

Of course, the Against the Dark Yogi Kickstarter is the biggest news item of the quarter, but its progress is posted about regularly in our weekly progress reports. I’ll come back to it shortly, but first I want to touch on the other developments of the past quarter.

I am happy to report that our Ganjifa: Indian Playing Cards are once again for sale on Amazon. They had been removed for sale for the month of December due to Amazon policies But they’re up now, and doing well!

This quarter we also unveiled our new logo, which can be seen at the top of the site. This logo will appear on all of our new products.

Work progresses on our upcoming casual card game, We’re All Going to Die Here. Early in the year it received a major revision due to feedback from our December playtests. More playtesting will soon be under way, and we’re hoping for a fall release of the game.

As with the last few years, we sponsored the Intercon raffle again this year. 

Initial development work has started on our next RPG after Against the Dark Yogi. I think this is the first time it has been publicly mentioned! It will be a new stand-alone edition of our science fiction horror game, Shadows Over Sol. A century in the future dark plots threaten the solar system. No news on when it will release yet; it’s still too early to say.

And now we come back to Against the Dark Yogi. Needless to say, the Kickstarter was a success. We raised over $11,000 for the game’s publication, topping the amount raised by our previous Ganjifa Kickstarter. Since the funding ended, we’ve been hard at working getting the game finished. We expect the PDF to be delivered by the end of the quarter, and the physical books to ship early next quarter!

And that’s it for this quarter’s Tab Update! We’ve had a good three months, and we’re still hard at work. I just wanted to end this Tab Update with some actual numbers. Here’s a quick count of what we sold this quarter:

  • Ganjifa Decks: 129
  • Dark Yogi PDFs: 325
  • Dark Yogi Hardbacks: 177

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