Dark Yogi: Week Five

Dark Yogi: Week Five

It’s a double-update this week between the quarterly Tab Update and the this, the weekly Against the Dark Yogi update.

Progress Report

We continue to prepare the game for internal layout. Here’s what we’ve accomplished this week.

  • Editing continues on the new adventure and the backer characters. We hope to have editing completed this week so the game can move to internal layout.
  • The layout and art for the Prana Counters was finalized.
  • The layout for the Consequence Cards has been finalized. We plan to order printing proofs of the Consequence Cards in the upcoming week.
  • The layout of the cover art poster was completed and a first draft of the Poster Map was laid out as well - although it will need some changes before it’s finalized.

In the next week we hope to get the book sent to internal layout, plan to finish the layout of the poster map and expect to order the printing proof of the Consequence Cards.

Reading this and missed the Kickstarter?

You can still pre-order the Against the Dark Yogi PDF (+ eBook formats)! Just head on over to our Against the Dark Yogi page and follow the PayPal link.

Dark Yogi Preview

We have a new art preview this week! This time it’s a picture of an invading Sassani commander, leading his troops through the rain.

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