Dark Yogi: Week Four

Dark Yogi: Week Four

It’s been nearly a month since funding ended on the Against the Dark Yogi Kickstarter. We continue to make good progress and get ever-nearer to the book going to layout.

Progress Report

Here’s our progress from the past week:

  • We completed compiling the last of backer names for the book. However, four people still have not filled out their backer surveys. We’ll add in their names manually if and when the surveys come in.
  • Writing on the characters for the last of THE CHARACTER backers was finished and all characters moved to editing.
  • Editing continues on the extra adventure unlocked by our stretch goals.
  • The cover of the game was finalized, as was the system logo.
  • A first draft of the layout of the Consequence Cards was completed. The layout is currently undergoing fixes.

Over the next week we hope to get editing finished on the adventure and characters, plan to finalize the layout on the Consequence Cards and expect to begin work on the Prana Counters. If everything continues going to plan we may be able to send the game to internal layout as early as next week, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen until the week after.

Reading this and missed the Kickstarter?

You can still pre-order the Against the Dark Yogi PDF (+ eBook formats)! Just head on over to our Against the Dark Yogi page and follow the PayPal link.

Dark Yogi Preview

Here we have another great piece of art to show off. This one shows Echni, god of fire. Stay tuned for more art in our upcoming weekly updates!

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