Tab Update: Fourth Quarter 2018

Tab Update: Fourth Quarter 2018

We may have been quiet on our blog recently, but behind the scenes - as usual - we've been quite busy!

Since the last Tab Update we finished fulfillment for the Shadows Over Sol: Siren's Call Kickstarter. That was quite the marathon, but it's over and everyone should have their rewards! Yay! (Contact us if you're missing something.) 

Since fulfillment ended, however, the tasks that have been keeping us busy are development and playtesting for not one, but two games: We're All Going to Die Here, our comedy horror card game, and our upcoming fantasy Saga Machine RPG, which for now we're calling Shattered Dominion, but whose name is likely to change.

For We're All Going to Die Here, the core of the game is solid, but we've been iterating through different card designs and some different mechanics for triggering the end of each round. We've also been exploring different possible art directions.

For Shattered Dominion, we've been running a number of internal exploratory playtests. The goal of these is to explore possible mechanical directions for the game and then to decide on the focused approach to take. This has been largely successful, and a clear direction is now coming into focus. Some initial writing for the game has already taken place, but the writing will likely start in earnest after the holidays.

Additionally, a month or two ago we also ran a series of development posts in our blog relating to early development on both of these games.

Finally, we've been working on Dime Adventures: Strange Night at the Creedmoor Hotel, our Patreon release for January. Writing for it will be finished in the next day or two, and from there it will move on to editing and layout.

And speaking of the Patreon, at the end of October we released Shadows Over Sol: Contacts!

Busy, busy! That's all for now, and good gaming!

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