Siren's Call: Week 9

Siren's Call: Week 9

Let's start with the big news: the Siren's Call PDF has been released! It was sent out to backers over the weekend, and is now publicly available on DriveThruRPG and the Tab Creations store!

This post will also be the last of the weekly progress updates. Starting next week we plan to begin releasing the unlocked stretch goals, beginning with the Colony Ship Deckplans. These releases will continue, about one a week, until they are all delivered. Instead of making a separate development post each week, we'll simply include a small status update at the bottom of each release announcement.

As a reminder, we are still collecting reports of errors in the Siren's Call PDF. The deadline to send these in is June 23rd. After that, we'll fix any reported errors and release a corrected version of the PDF. We'll also send the files to the printer at that time.

Other progress this past week includes reviewing the printing proofs for the Colony Ship Deckplans and Siren Poster Map. After review, the deckplans are good to go, but the poster map needs a fix and a second printing proof (which was ordered). We also received the final piece of art for the revised Quick-Start, created the PDF for it and the printing proof should be prepared for order in the upcoming day. We also set up a second set of deckplans depicting the ship in the Quick-Start.

Progress was made with our final proofing of Siren's Call. We'll now about halfway through chapter 6. We also made a (tiny) bit of writing progress on The Nereus Incident.

In the upcoming week our first priority is to finish proofing Siren's Call. Our second priority to make writing progress on The Nereus Incident. If we have any time left over, we may begin work on the Player's Brief. Otherwise, that might slip to the following week.

Missed the Kickstarter?

You can now purchase Siren's Call! Just follow this link!

Week's Progress

Here is a bulleted list of everything we've accomplished in the past week.

  • We sent the initial Siren's Call PDF out to backers and released it publicly. We continue to read through the book, performing the final proof and are collecting error reports from backers until June 23rd.
  • The printing proofs for the Siren Poster Map and ARC Colony Ship Deckplans have been reviewed. The Siren Poster Map needs a fix and a second printing proof. The Colony Ship Deckplans is ready for release next week.
  • The final piece of art for the revised Quick-Start was received. A PDF was created and the printing proof will be ordered today.
  • Writing continues for The Nereus Incident (the prelude adventure).

Current Status

Here is the current status of the various bits and pieces unlocked by the Kickstarter.

  • Siren's Call: The PDF has been released! Collecting reports of typos from backers until June 23rd.
  • Player's Brief: Waiting for any typos to be fixed in the Siren's Call PDF.
  • The Nereus Incident: Writing in progress.
  • Quick-Start Update: PDF has been created and a printing proof will soon be ordered.
  • Siren Poster Map: Needs a second printing proof, which was been ordered.
  • Colony Ship Deckplans: Ready for release next week.
  • Pregenerated Colonists: Done.
  • GM Screen Inserts & Consequence Cards Update: Done.
  • Roll20 Character Sheet Update: Done.
  • Additional Scenario: Done.

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