Siren's Call: Week 5

Siren's Call: Week 5

It's now been five weeks since the Siren's Call Kickstarter ended. That's a good chunk of the way through the game's production. For comparison, the Shadows Over Sol core rulebook took eleven weeks to put together, Dime Adventures took thirteen and Against the Dark Yogi took seventeen. We expect Sirens Call to not be that different.

The big news from this week is that the initial layout of the game is now complete! (See last week's post for an explanation of what we mean by initial layout.) The final page total of the book will be exactly 240 pages, the exact number we guessed and the same number as the Shadows Over Sol core rulebook.

Other highlights from the week include finishing the writing for the Pregenerated Colonists and getting back the final art for the Poster Map of Siren. What we didn't accomplish this week, and hoped to, was doing the editing for the first of the upcoming Patreon adventures. While that's not strictly Kickstarter-related, it will affect how much time we have to allocate to the Kickstarter this upcoming week.

Otherwise, over the course of the next week our main focus will be art - placing commissioned art into the layout, picking out spot art and finalizing the art reqs for the final wave of commissions. We want to start moving chapters from initial layout to final layout. Oh, and we plan to edit the Pregenerated Colonists, too.

Missed the Kickstarter?

You can still preorder the Siren's Call campaign and sourcebook! Just head on over to our Shadows Over Sol: Siren's Call page and fill out the PayPal preorder form.

Week's Progress

Here is a bulleted list of everything we've accomplished in the past week.

  • Finished the initial layout of the book!
  • The writing for the Pregenerated Colonists is now complete. It will be edited soon.
  • The art for the Poster Map of Siren has been finished.
  • Art reqs are being written for the next (and probably final) wave of art.

Current Status

Here is the current status of the various bits and pieces unlocked by the Kickstarter.

Siren's Call sourcebook

  • 0. Title / Contents: Title page is complete. Waiting on table of contents.
  • 1. Introduction: Initial layout complete.
  • 2. ARC Project: Initial layout complete.
  • 3. Colonists: Initial layout complete.
  • 4. Colony Building: Initial layout complete.
  • 5. The Void: Initial layout complete.
  • 6. Alpha Centauri: Initial layout complete.
  • 7. Siren's Call: Initial layout complete.
  • 8. Side Treks: Initial layout complete.
  • 9. Colony Sheet / Index: Colony sheet complete.

Stretch Goals

  • Player's Brief: Waiting on art and layout for chapters 1 through 4.
  • Colony Ship Deckplans: The art req has been written. The artist has not yet been contracted.
  • Pregenerated Colonists: Written. Waiting on editing.
  • Prelude Adventure: Outlined. Writing will begin after the Pregenerated Colonists are finished.
  • Quick-Start Update: We have completed the layout for the updated Quick-Start, but still waiting on one new piece of art for it.
  • Siren Poster Map: Art complete. Waiting to be put into final image format.
  • GM Screen Inserts & Consequence Cards Update: Finished and sent to backers!
  • Roll20 Character Sheet Update: The updated sheet is live on Roll20!
  • Additional Scenario: Written and integrated into the text.

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