Shadows Over Sol: Into the Flames

Shadows Over Sol: Into the Flames

Today we are excited to announce the release of Shadows Over Sol: Into the Flames!

When an unexpected stellar flare damages the team’s colony, they must race against time to save it from total annihilation. Along they way, they’ll encounter mysterious communications, confront shadowy saboteurs and trek across the planet to obtain a rare and critical resource.

Shadows Over Sol: Into the Flames is an adventure supplement that revisits the exoplanet Siren, and serves as a companion or follow-up to the Siren’s Call campaign. It features an investigative horror scenario and is designed to run between two to four gaming sessions

Shadows Over Sol: Into the Flames

Age of Ambition Update

We continue the push to finish the last of the Age of Ambition stretch goals. In the past week we finished Will to Power and ordered the physical proof. We're also now roughly a third of the way through writing Time Forgot. In the upcoming week, the plan is to contiue writing. Hopefully this final adventure will be finished the following week. Here's where everything currently stands:

  • Core Rulebook: Corrected PDF released!
  • Character Sheets: Available on our website, DriveThruRPG and Roll20.
  • Consequence Cards: Released!
  • GM Screen Inserts: Released!
  • Poster Map: Released!
  • Deluxe Box: Finished. Awaiting bulk order.
  • Bestiary: Released!
  • Campaign Options: Released!
  • Character Options: Released!
  • Out of Shackles: Released!
  • Time Forgot: Writing
  • Will to Power: Done. Physical prood ordered.
  • Digging Deeper: Released!

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