Saga Machine Guide for Roll20

Saga Machine Guide for Roll20

A lot of gaming these days takes place using virtual tabletop (VTT) software, and Roll20 is one of the most popular virtual tabletop platforms. Thankfully, it's quite easy to start up a new Age of Ambition, Shadows Over Sol, Dime Adventures or Against the Dark Yogi campaign on it!

This post is the first of several detailing how to play the Saga Machine games online.

Creating a New Campaign

After you log in to Roll20, go to Games > Create New Game in the menu. This will bring you to a new page where you can enter the campaign details.

Give your campaign a name, then scroll down to the section titled Optional: Choose a Character Sheet. In the character sheet dropdown select the name of the game you are playing. You can type in the name to search faster. Age of Ambition, Shadows Over Sol, Dime Adventures and Against the Dark Yogi are all supported.

Once the game is selected, click the I'm ready, Create Game! button. Then wait as your new campaign is created.

Setting up the Campaign

Once you have a new campaign created, you will need to create character sheets for each player. Go to the Journal tab (the one that looks like a newspaper), then Click on +Add > Character. This will create a new, blank character sheet. Click the newly created entry to open it up, then click the Edit button to assign it to a player.

If you're playing with the optional dice-based rules found in the appendix of most of the Saga Machine games (for Against the Dark Yogi it's found in the Campaign Options supplement), dice roller buttons are built into the character sheets. On the other hand, if you're playing with the default card-based rules, you will need to set up a deck for each player.

To create a deck, to to the Collection tab (the one that looks like a bulleted list) and scroll down to the section named Decks. Each campaign should come with a default poker deck. Click on it to open the deck editor and click the Duplicate button to make a copy. Do this once for each player, naming each new deck appropriately. While you're there, look over the deck options to make sure they're set to your liking. You can toggle on or off options such as players being able to see the value of cards in other players' hands, etc.

Once the decks are created and edited, click on the Show button next to each deck to make it visible to the players. During play, players should be able to draw cards from their deck into their hands, and drag them to the table in order to play them.

Wrapping Up

That's it! With these basic settings, your campaign should be good to go!

If you play our games on Roll20, feel free to let us know how it's gone. We'd love to add a section of tips and tricks for each VTT platform and for each game line. Until then, good gaming!

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