Disjunction Kickstarter Incoming!

Disjunction Kickstarter Incoming!

The Shadows Over Sol: Disjunction Kickstarter launches April 26! Mark your calendars. Or better yet, follow the included link and click "Notify Me on Launch."

Journey across the decaying megalopolis of Superior

On the trail of a runaway heir, the team is led to the terrestrial megalopolis of Superior, where they must brave the dangers of the mean streets, out of control riots and a fringe cult. In the end, they will run up against a sinister plot that threatens the global order. Will the scrappers stop the "Disjunction?" Or will they simply walk away in order to claim a paycheck?

Disjunction features a tense action horror scenario, and is designed to run between two and five gaming sessions. Its features include:

  • A dystopic glimpse of future Earth
  • Plenty of dark sci-fi action
  • A new fringe cult: the Order of Gabriel Archangel the Revelator

Age of Ambition: Expert Bestiary

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