Ganjifa Reincarnated Kickstarter is Live!

Ganjifa Reincarnated Kickstarter is Live!

Today is the day we launch the Ganjifa Reincarnated Kickstarter!

Ganjifa cards have been around for centuries in India and Persia, but they are relatively new to the West. Ganjifa cards are round playing cards, numbered 1-10 with two face cards: the Raja (King) and the Vizier (Minister). There are 8 suits in the Mughal version which makes 96 cards in all. 

Ganjifa cards are traditionally hand painted and the rules for games are passed down from one generation to the next. The sad part about Ganjifa is that it seems to be a dying art. There are fewer and fewer artists in India producing the cards and few in the West are even aware of Ganjifa. This is where we stepped in back in 2013 and hope to continue today.

Check out the project on Kickstarter!

Ganjifa Reincarnated

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