Announcing the Saga Machine Unified Playtest!

Announcing the Saga Machine Unified Playtest!

Saga Machine, our in-house RPG system, has evolved significantly since the release of Against the Dark Yogi in 2014, all the way to Age of Ambition in 2020. As we look to the future and consider the possibility of new editions of our games, we want to streamline and unify our mechanics in a way that supports our fans' preferences and makes it easy to go from one game line to another.

Throughout 2023, we plan to release a series of playtest packets, each accompanied by a feedback form. At first these playtest packets will be relatively small, as we determine the direction the revised system will take. But as they go on, each subsequent release will be more and more of a complete game.

Click Here to Access February's Playtest - Base Mechanics

Below is a projected timeline of the playtest packets and when they are expected to be available. Note that this timeline is subject to change, as we may decide that certain aspects of the system need additional focus and require an extra round of revisions.

  • February: Base Mechanics
  • March: Skills & Modifiers
  • April: Character Creation
  • May: Initiative & Combat
  • June: Health & Damage
  • July: Traits & Consequences

We wish to invite all of you to participate in the playtest, as your feedback is critical in helping define the future of Saga Machine. Thank you so much for your feedback, and for being a fan!

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1 Comment on Announcing the Saga Machine Unified Playtest!

Robert Davis March 1, 2023, 11:32 p.m. ago

This is very exciting news but I do hope you guys decide to go down a toolbox kind of route - a basic system and then setting-based rules and options. You're kind of there now, but I can see how the system does need more standardising at this juncture. Please, please do not succumb to pressure and take the cards away as the main system. For me, the cards are one of the strengths of the system and allow more subtlety in decision-making from the players than dice. By all means, keep the dice as an option, but please keep the cards as the primary system. Good luck!

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