What Lies Beneath: Week 16

What Lies Beneath: Week 16

Good news! The last piece of artwork for What Lies Beneath has come in. Earlier today we prepared the final PDF, as well as the files for printing! From here, it usually takes a couple days before the printer OK's the files and we can order the printing proof. Then it's generally a two to three week turn around time for us to receive the proof and approve it. After that, print rewards will be sent out for all backers.

Meanwhile, the final One-Sheet Scenario has also been completed. As of this post, it is queued, waiting to be sent out to backers along with the final What Lies Beneath PDF. This should happen in the next few days, accompanied by a Kickstarter update. A release of What Lies Beneath and all unlocked extras to the general public will happen once the printing proof has been approved and all backer copies have been sent out.

Since at this point all development for What Lies Beneath is complete, this will be the final weekly update. All that remains is to review the printing proof and to send out rewards. Thank you, everyone, for your support! We seriously couldn't have done it without you!

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