Age of Ambition: Escape From Prison Isle

Age of Ambition: Escape From Prison Isle

Today we are thriled to announce the release of Age of Ambition: Escape From Prison Isle

When the heroes find themselves exiled to a remote island prison, they must learn their way around, gather their resources and, eventually, discover a means of escape. Along the way they will fight bloodthirsty gangs, make strange allies, discover a long lost arcane laboratory and possibly become embroiled in a plot to take control of the island.

Escape From Prison Isle is a beginner or intermediate adventure supplement for Age of Ambition. It features a prison break scenario, and is designed to run between one and five gaming sessions.

Age of Ambition: A Little Murder

Jovian Whispers Update

Meanwhile, we continue to make progress on delivering the Jovian Whispers rewards. Here is where everything currently stands:


  • System Hacks document


  • Jovian Epilogue document

Waiting on Physical Proof

  • Sol System poster map

Initial PDF Released

  • Jovian Whispers campaign and sourcebook

Queued for Release

  • Trouble on Jackral V (One-Sheet Scenario #1)
  • Fate of the Calamitas (One-Sheet Scenario #2)
  • Outbreak on Adrastea (One-Sheet Scenario #3)
  • The Aerarium Contingency (One-Sheet Scenario #4)

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