Jovian Whispers: Week 9

Jovian Whispers: Week 9

This is a big week! The initial PDF of the Jovian Whispers campaign and sourcebook was released to backers. We're accepting error and and typo reports through August 10th, then we'll release the final, corrected PDF. Please send error reports using our contact page.

This week we also finished Fate of the Calamitas (One-Sheet Scenario #2) and got it queued release. Additionally, Outbreak on Adrastea (One-Sheet Scenario #3) is now in editing. We've also gotten confirmation that the printing proof of Escape From Prison Isle has shipped. Finally, writing has started on the Jovian Epilogue.

This upcoming week we plan to collect error reports regarding Jovian Whispers. We also plan to get the last two One-Sheet Scenarios queued for release, make writing progress on the Jovian Epilogue and review the physical proof of Escape From Prison Island, which will be released through our Patreon on Thursday.

Here is where everything currently stands:


  • System Hacks document


  • Jovian Epilogue document
  • One-Sheet Scenario #4


  • Outbreak on Adrastea (One-Sheet Scenario #3)

Waiting on Physical Proof

  • Escape From Prison Isle scenario (July Patreon release)
  • Sol System poster map

Initial PDF Released

  • Jovian Whispers campaign and sourcebook

Queued for Release

  • Trouble on Jackral V (One-Sheet Scenario #1)
  • Fate of the Calamitas (One-Sheet Scenario #2)

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