Age of Ambition: Character Options

Age of Ambition: Character Options

We're happy to announce the release of Age of Ambition: Character Options!

Even though the Age of Ambition core rulebook comes jam-packed with lifepath and character options, not even it can contain all of the archetypes, concepts and abilities that Trystell has to offer.

Age of Ambition: Character Options contains a variety of new choices, both for players making a new character and for GMs looking to customize the lifepath system for their campaigns. Its features include:

  • Lifepath options for creating more experienced starting heroes and for increased player control.
  • Astrological Birth Fortune tables designed for creating heroes influenced by the stars.
  • Two new Fighting Styles, a new Arcane Lore, two new Traits, rules for hybrid peoples and a new Career.
  • Numerous optional tables for establishing your hero’s name, creed, idiosyncrasy, appearance, distinguishing features, personality and background.

Age of Ambition Update

This week we ordered the physical proof for Out of Shackles. We're also roughly halfway through editing the July Shadows Over Sol Patreon adventure. Finally, the physical proof of the core rulebook is in the mail and is expected to arrive today. This upcoming week we hope to complete the editing of the Patreon adventure and start writing Will to Power. Here's where everything currently stands:

  • Core Rulebook: Corrected PDF released! Print proof arriving today!
  • Character Sheets: Available on our website, DriveThruRPG and Roll20.
  • Consequence Cards: Released!
  • GM Screen Inserts: Released!
  • Poster Map: Released!
  • Deluxe Box: Finished. Awaiting bulk order.
  • Bestiary: Released!
  • Campaign Options: Released!
  • Character Options: Released!
  • Out of Shackles: Finished. Proof ordered.
  • Time Forgot: Outlined.
  • Will to Power: Outlined.

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