Against the Dark Yogi: Bhurloka Poster Map

Against the Dark Yogi: Bhurloka Poster Map

A thousand cities with myriad customs fill the subcontinent of Bhurloka. Wandering ascetics practice austerities on mountaintops, seeking spiritual enlightenment and supernatural powers. Rajas stand before their palaces speaking to their peoples. Chariots roll and elephants march with armies to war.

Now you can have your own 12" x 18" poster map of the Bhurloka subcontinent, a perfect companion to any Against the Dark Yogi: Mythic India Roleplaying campaign.

Features include:

  • Map featuring all kingdoms, major cities, landforms and mystic locations in Bhurloka.
  • Colorful art featured in the Against the Dark Yogi roleplaying game.
  • Labels, legend and scale.
  • Purchase for $1.99


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 Pay What You Want (PDF); $3.99 (Print)

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