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#1 August 03, 2016 21:46:47

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Game Thoughts

(This thread primarily exists to discuss future games with my weekly gaming group.)

I've made a list of games I have in print. What are people interested in?

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#2 August 04, 2016 00:14:07

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Game Thoughts

Okay… *cracks knuckles* Let's do this. From top to bottom with the noted disclaimed that if I did not know what something is, I did not look it up.

Aces & Eights: 6 | I have no information on this having never played it, but I *do* like Westerns, although I dislike “Old School” most of the time. So. Eh. Rating comes almost entirely from setting potential.

Arcanis: 4 | Having almost no information, I prefer *not* generic Sword and Sorcery *to* Generic Sword and Sorcery?

Ars Magica: 4 | Eh. See above. Little information. Heavy mechanics is generally a null return for me. Historical Fantasy isn't much better than just Fantasy.

Artesia: 4.5 | THIS ONE HAS A LIFEPATH which grants it an instant +.5 bonus over the others.

Call of Cthulhu: 5 | Eh on light mechanics, but I do enjoy horror.

Castle Falkenstein: 3 | Light mechanics and steampunk? Plus cards seem hard to simulate on Roll 20. I'd generally prefer something else.

CoD: Overall 7 | I love WoD. It's my bread and butter. I know it well, I enjoy its systems. Further breakdowns on splats below.
CtL: 9 | I love Lost, having recently played it for the first time. I think you can do a lot with it and the general flavor is great and I love it.
DtD: 6 | I have no info except that it's super GMC? And I love GMC less than most other focuses in the WoD.
HtV: 9 for High Tier, 6 for Low Tier | I've played in a couple low tier Hunter games lately, and therefore have less interest in that, but I would be *all over* a Tier 3 campaign. I love the epic feel and focus and think it does a good job of enabling badassery.
GtS: 8 | I know nothing about Geist beyond the very very basic premise but I am intrigue by that.
MtA: 8ish | I admit I don't really care about Atlantis and am less interested in a campaign that's like… all about Atlantis because it's the least interesting part of Mage for me. Anything else and I'm all in.
MtC: ??? | I know literally nothing about this game.
PtC: 3 | I dislike Promethean. I have no real interest in playing it.
VtR: 5 | Vampire is not my game, but I'll play it.
WtF: 6? | Not enough info. More needed.

Clockwork & Chivalry: 4 | See previous “Eh?”s

Colonial Gothic: 5| This is a 5 “eh?” because it's not Fantasy but Horror.

D20 Modern: Overall 6 | I like Modern settings but haven't actually played. I dislike most sci-fi in general, but love urban fantasy and post-apoc, so consider those a bit higher and the hard scifi a bit lower.

Dark Heresy: 7 | I like Dark Heresy, it's fun.

Deadlands (Classic): 8 | While I love Deadlands more than world, I'd rather play Savage Worlds versions.

Deadlands (Hell on Earth Classic): 8 | See above.

Deadlands (Lost Colony Classic): 7 | The least interesting of the Deadlands expansions to me.

Dragonlance: 4 | This low score is more of a been there done there than any actual desire to not play the game.

D&D 3.5: Overall 5 | So…. 3.5 is *so* varied. It's really easy to not keep up in party growth and therein lies my concern. I'd probably be up for it, but I'm much more interested in/excited by the later editions than 3.5. Trystell and DL: HoE would be a bit higher than average, but for the most part it's just “eh”

D&D 4: 7 | Color me interested

D&D 5: 9 | Color me very interested.

Eclipse Phase: 5 | Eh. Hard Scifi

Everway: 3 | Eh. Light mechanics. Card. Fantasy. Eh.

Freemarket: 1 | Please no. Please. I'll do anything. Please. (In all seriousness, I would do this for a one shot although it seems really hard to play on the internet)

Ghostbusters: 2 | This sounds silly.

GURPS: Overall (if Matt is playing) 6, If Matt isn't playing 4 | Gurps is like… the definition of a base layer. All of these could stand on their own merit and I have few information on each individually (except that Traveller is a negative twelve boo hiss) beyond I've enjoyed Infinite Worlds and I love Deadlands. That said, it is a system that is much easier if you have a Matt, so i would like a Matt.

Hackmaster: 3 | EH. Been there. Done that.

HARP: 4 | Eh?

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: 6 | Sure. I like super heroes.

Marvel SAGA: 8 | This was a lot of fun. I would play it again.

MERP: 3 | Eh. Been there. Done that.

Over the Edge: 5 | ???

Rogue Trader: 7 | Sure. I like Warhammer.

Saga Machine: Overall 8 | I like Saga Machine a lot and would play it with pretty much anything. I'm a bit less interested in Against the Dark Yogi, but would still play it (and everything else.

Savage Worlds: Overall 9 | I only know Deadlands from them, but Kat:Savage Worlds::Matt:GURPS I love it the most and want to basically play it foreeeever.

Shadowrun: 9 | I've actually never played Shadowrun.

Sovereign Stone: 4 | Eh?

Starshield: 4.5 | Eh?

Through the Breach: 5 | Eh?

Timewatch: 4 | Eh?

Traveller: -12 | Boo. Hiss. My actual least favorite system.

True20: 4 | Eh? Mecha v. Kaiju does not sound like my kind of game but I would play most things once.

WH2e: 8 | Yes good.

WH3E: 6 | Eh.

World of Darkness Classic: Overally 8 | I love old WoD splats and would play basically all of them.
CtD: 7 | Slightly less interested in Changeling than the rest but I still love it and I'd still be in for it.
DtF: 8 | I haven't actually played Demon but I've always wanted to.
MtA: 9 | I love Mage, but it's tricky. Still, I love it.
Sorcerer: 9 | Sorcerer is way less bullshit than Mage but still lots of fun!
Wraith: 7 | I've never played Wraith!

So that's it! That's my lazy “I didn't bother to look up the ones I've never heard of” list.


#3 August 04, 2016 15:22:08

From: San Diego, CA
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Game Thoughts

There a good point there, which is: a lot of these games aren't so well known. So let me take the opportunity to point out a few lesser known games and why they may be interesting or not interesting to play:

Artesia: This is the only system I've seen with a published stat block for a tree. No, not an awakened tree or walking tree or sentient tree. Just a normal tree. Not really a selling point, but something that I wanted to point out. Carry on.

Colonial Gothic: It's a game about fighting the creatures of the night during the Colonial Era / Revolutionary War. Imagine it kind of like Revolutionary War era Deadlands, except with some of the more gonzo elements stripped from the setting.

Ghostbusters: Basically a light-hearted modern paranormal game, where you use super-science to fight ghosts or other weirdness. Maybe a bit rules-light for the group's general preference, but an entertaining game. Also there's a new movie out.

Over the Edge: Set in the 1990's on a small island dictatorship in the Mediterranean. This is a game of paranormal conspiracies and general weirdness.

Starshield: Sci-fi fantasy game set in this galaxy, but where the laws of reality work differently, depending where you are, where there is magic and elves and varyingly weird science. In this game you play investigative journalists working for a galaxy-spaning news organization, with living suits (think the symbiote from Spider-man). Your job is to investigate and report on problem spots across the galaxy.

Through the Breech: This game is based after the setting in the Malifaux minis wargame. It's set in a steampunk horror pocket dimension, connected to Earth circa 1897, where the economy is based around mining soul stones - think a cross between soul shards from the Elder Scrolls and ghost rock from Deadlands. It's very flavorful, but the system uses custom cards that may be somewhat difficult to do in Roll20.

Timewatch: Have you ever wanted to play a game where being a sentient dinosaur is a normal character creation option? Did I mention that the dinosaurs have psychic powers? Do you want to fight timetraveling roaches, self-aware languages and space fungus? Do you want a game where traveling back in time to kill the grandparents of your enemy is not only expected, but well supported with its own subsystem of time paradox rules? If so, then this is the game for you!

Torchbearer: This game is interesting because it's so unlike anything else I've seen. It takes a genre that has been done to death - ye olde dungeon crawl - and then flips it on its head. Essentially this is a rules heavy gamist/narrativist game, where inventory and time management are front and center, and conflicts are generally resolved with a single set of rolls (after a bunch of parameters are set based on your planning decisions leading up to the conflict). It really doesn't play like anything else I've seen.

Or maybe you want to get ambitious and try things with the new online format that weren't as easy to do in the old sit-down-in-person format. Certainly the new format makes it easier to handle side ventures between sessions or downtime activity that requires bookkeeping. Ars Magica and Rogue Trader both come to mind as games that feature that kind of play.

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#4 August 04, 2016 18:47:03

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Game Thoughts

Colonial Gothic: 7 | Like Deadlands you say? I'm in.

Ghostbusters: 2 | I stand by previous statements.

Over the Edge: 6 | That could potentially be interesting.

Starshield: 5 | Eh?

Through the Breech: 5 | Eh?

Timewatch: 2 |Wow. This sounds like… everything I don't want in a game. But, I mean, I'd play it. But.

Torchbearer: 6 | Ooooooh….. This is intriguing…


#5 August 04, 2016 21:50:50

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Game Thoughts

I'm stealing Kat's format because it strikes me as good. Thanks, Kat! I am also including a key to what the values mean to me.

1: I am actively disinterested in playing this, so much so that I will actually sit the game out.
2: Please no. I will still play because I really like you guys, but this sounds bad and I don't want it.
3. I am seriously hesitant about this game, but believe it could work and you guys are cool, so fine.
4. I have some questions/hesitations about this game but I am willing to play.
5. I have no strong feelings about this game one way or another. I'll play.
6. This sounds intriguing or interesting beyond the mess of available options in some way, but it's not a strong preference.
7. I have played and enjoyed this game and would enjoy it again, or it contains something especially interesting to me if I haven't played.
8. I have played and really enjoyed this game and really want to play more, or it contains something INCREDIBLY interesting to me if I haven't played. The highest rating a game I haven't played can get.
9. This game is/was one of my favorites and I would play it again in a heartbeat, no questions asked.
10. This option is so appealing that literally nothing, including my character dying irrevocably in the first five minutes of play, could dissuade me from playing.

Aces & Eights: 5 | Sure, sounds fine. I think I'd rather play Deadlands, but sticking to real history can be cool too.

Arcanis: 5

Ars Magica: 4 | I am kinda over Medieval Europe as a setting, but it's not a deal-breaker.

Artesia: 7 | I like games based on existing properties (this is a comic book, apparently?) and the tree thing does make me perk up my simulationist ears.

Call of Cthulhu: 6 | I've played it before, I'd happily play it again, but not dying to do so.

Castle Falkenstein: 5 | Not opposed to anything in the writeup, but for my money I think I'd rather play Dime Adventures, especially over Roll20.

CoD: 7 | I've only played new Mage and Vampire, and liked them both fine but less than their older counterparts. I'm happy to try them again or play new ones. I don't have strong feelings on which, individually.

Clockwork & Chivalry: 6 | I think I could get into this, especially if it's a Shadow Campaigns sort of thing, but it's not my first choice.

Colonial Gothic: 7| This actually sounds pretty cool and interesting to me.

D20 Modern: 4 | I like D20 Modern okay, I guess, but I've always thought that D20 doesn't mesh well with modern genre conventions and I stand by that. I've played and enjoyed D20 Modern games, but people shouldn't be able to get shot five times and be fine.

Dark Heresy: 4 | Let me play Orks or Tyranids and I'll bump this up to a 7. Otherwise, the humans are the least interesting part of Warhammer 40k for me.

Deadlands (Classic): 7 | Sure, I like Deadlands! Never played the system, though. This applies to all.

Dragonlance: 6 | Had fun, would play again, but no special attachment to the setting.

D&D 3.5: 7 | I enjoy 3.5 and am pretty good at optimizing it, but I've played a ton of it and so don't especially need to play more.

D&D 4: 5 | This is a pretty fun tactical minis game, but I didn't like a lot of their design decision from the standpoint of actually being D&D.

D&D 5: 8 | I have some books, I've played a one-shot and run a module at a con. I'd love to play more!

Eclipse Phase: 5 | Seems interesting, but nothing especially up my alley.

Everway: 3 | This was a neat one-shot but felt a little too “Can I do this with X? How about with Y? Can I do THAT with X?” for me to really want more of it.

Freemarket: 3 | I don't need more Freemarket in my life, but I'm not going to run screaming for the hills or anything.

Ghostbusters: 6 | Beloved franchise bumps this from a 5 to a 6.

GURPS: 9. I love GURPS. I'll play anything GURPS. Least interesting is Transhuman Space, because I don't really enjoy Transhumanism. Vorkosigan Saga could be really cool, but everyone in that series is so smart I would feel a lot of pressure to measure up. Infinite Worlds is the best.

Hackmaster: 5 | It was fine and the high simulationism balanced out the weird values baked into the ruleset in my book. I'd bump this up to a 7 if we're continuing the previous game as opposed to starting fresh.

HARP: 2 | All the endemic weirdness of MERP with none of the beloved setting? No thanks, but I'll do it if you guys really want.

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: 7 | Yay Marvel super heroes!

Marvel SAGA: 8 | Yay Marvel super heroes with a system I think is a perfect fit!

MERP: 6 | The system was weird, occasionally in a charming way and occasionally in an annoying way, but being Middle-Earth makes it enjoyable in any event.

Over the Edge: 5 | Is this “Sad Mary's: The Tabletop”? This sounds like “Sad Mary's: The Tabletop.”

Rogue Trader: 4 | See Dark Heresy.

Saga Machine: 7 | I'd play any of these happily, but they're not a top choice.

Savage Worlds: 7 | See above. I think Savage Worlds is a solid system and I like it, I'd play in it again happily.

Shadowrun: 6 | I've enjoyed Shadowrun when I've played, but it has some endemic design issues (i.e., everyone plays their own minigame while the rest of the table waits around) that take it down from Yeah! to just yeah.

Sovereign Stone: 6 | Seems more intriguing than your typical FANTASY EUROPE GAME but nothing really grabs me.

Starshield: 7 | This sounds quite fun.

Through the Breach: 5 | I don't understand this well enough to rate it, I think.

Timewatch: 5 | Reading your first few sentences, I was ready to rate this an 8, and then you had to bring time paradox mechanics into it. Time travel mechanics make my head hurt in the sad way, but everything else would make up for it.

Torchbearer: 8 | *SIMULATIONISM INTENSIFIES* This is my most-want-to-try game.

Traveller: 5 | I've actually never experienced Traveller, and would do so willingly, but have no special desire to.

True20: 4 | I'd probably rather just play things as D20 or in their native system.

WH2e: 7 | This was fun, I'd do it again.

WH3E: 6 | This was also fun but those dice were clunky enough to make it slightly less preferred.

World of Darkness Classic: Overall 7.5 | I know old WoD much better than new and like it a lot, for the most part.
CtD: 7 | Actually never played, but would love to try.
DtF: 7 | Ditto above
HtR: 8 | Done a bit, liked it a lot.
MtA: 8 | Lots of fun, would happily do.
Sorcerer: 8 | Never tried, but happy to do so.
Wraith: 7 | Wraith is cool but weird. I think it would be good weird, with this group.

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#6 August 05, 2016 00:24:51

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Game Thoughts

I'll come back later and probably say more, but just a random spur of the moment break-down:

Vorkosigan Saga

Things I know a bit about that I'd be very interested in:
Ars Magica
Call of Cthulhu
Changeling the Lost
Geist the Sin-Eaters
Mage the Awakening
Mummy the Curse
Deadlands: Hell on Earth, Classic
Deadlands: Lost Colony, Classic
Rogue Trader
Shadowrun 3e
World of Darkness, Classic
Nexus Endtime

Things that sound very interesting I don't know much about:
Clockwork & Chivalry
Castle Falkenstein
Colonial Gothic
Eclipse Phase
Over the Edge

Could be Interesting:
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
Sovereign Stone
Through the Breach

Not my first choice, but would play:
Aces & Eights
d20 Modern
Dungeons & Dragons, 3.5e
Dungeons & Dragons, 5e
HARP Fantasy
Marvel Super Heroes SAGA

Meh (These are often games I've played already):
Hunter the Vigil
Promethean the Created
Vampire the Requiem
Werewolf the Forsaken
Dark Heresy
Deadlands, Classic
Dragonlance Fifth Age SAGA
Arcana Evolved
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3e

Things I am not interested in:
Dungeons & Dragons, 4e
Hackmaster 5e


#7 August 05, 2016 20:13:27

From: San Diego, CA
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Game Thoughts

Okay. So half the group has replied at this point. So far these answers have been good, broad surveys of general interest. Anyone want to pitch interest in a specific game from the list? What are the selling points for you? What about it is exciting?

That said, in the absence of any specific pitches, let me give some more details about a handful of games that meet the criteria of: 1) I haven't noticed any significant objection to it yet from the three people who have responded; and b) I have some sort of campaign idea for what I would do with the game.

This is an iron age fantasy game largely set in a once great, but now crumbling empire, which is obviously inspired by the late “past-its-prime” Roman Empire. The game was once a D&D 3.5 campaign setting before they branched out to do their own system when 4e came out, but the D&D influence is still pretty apparent. It's got a tactical combat system with special maneuvers and a tick-based combat action structure. If you want to check it out in more detail, here are the quick-start rules.

Most roleplaying games have a structure where the majority of the time players describe what they're doing, the GM may call for an action mechanic of some sort to determine success or failure, and this is all kind of freeflowing, except when you get to combat, when the game suddenly breaks down into very structured rounds and turns.

Torchbearer has a different overall structure. Essentially, the entire game breaks down into phases: adventure phase, campaign phase and town phase. These each have their own rules and are more structured than the typical RPG. Most of the game is going to be in the adventure phase. Prototypically, this is going to be some variation of: the PCs leave the safety of town, travel to a dank hole in the ground, descend into the darkness and try to grab as much treasure as they can before making their way back to town.

Adventure phase is broken down into turns. Each turn involves one player trying to perform an action. Every X number of turns players get hungrier, or more exhausted, or torches burn out. In this way planning what you carry with you and good time management of turns is very important to success in the game. The game makes a lot more sense when you think of turns (and most other game mechanics) not as simulating a campaign world and more as simulating the action in a movie. A turn represents some amount of screen time - which could be 10 minutes to scale a difficult wall or it could be 8 hours of traveling across the countryside.

Ideally you'll go into the dungeon and nab some loot. Loot is important, because while adventuring you're going to pick up some nasty debilitating conditions. And to heal those you're going to need to head back to town (town phase). But most anything you do in town phase is going to cost you, which means you'll need that loot to pay up. Without loot to pay up, you're not going to fully heal. But to get loot you need to brave dangers in the wild. But by braving dangers, you're going to pick up more nasty debilitating conditions. Which means you need to spend more loot… And that, my friends, is the vicious cycle that is Torchbearer.

If you're interested in reading more, here is the introduction chapter of the book.

Mage the Awakening
If I'm going to run Mage the Awakening, it's going to be the new edition that just came out. Basic premise of the game: You're a person who's suddenly awakened to the fact that you can manipulate reality around you. This is magic, and it's descended from the ancient Atlantean tradition. You've gotten a glimpse of the deeper truth to the world, and what you thought was reality is really just the wool pulled over everyone's eyes. A long time ago the hierarchs killed the gods, and somewhere up there in some astral plane they seized what's basically the control room to the cosmos, and now they're piloting it on some iceberg course, and one day the whole thing is going to sink like the Titanic.

The actual campaign idea I have for Mage is something like the Matrix meets Ancient Aliens, with a lethal overdose of conspiracy theory and isolation. Then bake for 20 minutes and cover with a thick veneer of tech imagery until done.


#8 August 06, 2016 01:51:23

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Game Thoughts

I'll try to give some better numbers and info on a few things:

Ars Magica: 7
In many ways, the world of Ars Magica is a group effort since everyone makes a wizard (very powerful character), a companion (non-wizard hero) to one of the other player's wizards (to partially mitigate playing two characters at the same time), and several grogs (commoner support). It is one of those interesting formats that can fall apart based on the investment. I remember the system had some weird things, but it was flavorful. Magic was actually really powerful since wizards are really only balanced against other wizards. I think a campaign where a group founds a Covenant and tries to find its place in the world could be interesting.

Chronicles of Darkness: Overall 7 | WoD works. While not all campaigns are equal, it is a good solid system and systems.
One's I haven't played: Changeling the Lost, Demon the Descent, Geist the Sin-Eaters, Mage the Awakening, Mummy the Curse

I think Mummy the Curse sounds the most interesting though I would certainly need to read more if we played it, but I would play most the above. While I don't have ideas for Mage, I've given it high ratings each time it has been proposed in the past. For reruns, I would be less interested.

World of Darkness Classic: Overall 6 | I have never actually played anything in the old WoD. I've heard a good bit over the years though. I would be willing to try all of these.

Vorkosigan Saga: 6
I was very interested in playing such a game until I thought about it more. It may have the B5 game's problem: hard to compare with the media. Also a lot of the elements I like about Vorkosigan might not work well in a game: culture clash, concepts of honor, how much to value tradition, etc.

Shadowrun 3e: 10
I will admit that I can't be objective about Shadowrun since it was my first long campaign. I really like the setting from the dragon that ran for president to Stuffer Shack soy products. I know the companion talked about the ability to make both street-level campaigns and jet-setting expert campaigns. I also think the setting and system could allow for non-Runner type campaigns (a Doc-wagon ambulance crew, experts who work for the Draco Foundation, etc.)

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: 5
Marvel SAGA: 5

Since the last supers campaign we played was so recent, I'd probably want a campaign or two before that. That said, SAGA worked really well, but might not work well with Roll20. I'm willing to try new and different systems. As for setting, one advantage about Zeotis is that it lacks all the baggage of the various comic universes. Supers has a lot of stories that can be told from golden age idealism to gritty post-disaster stories.

WH2e: 4
WH3E: 4

While I find the Warhammer setting interesting enough, I found the 2e rules less than ideal at times. The career system gear requirements were probably the biggest issue and created odd balance issues. I found the rules of 3e interesting from a mechanical standpoint, but they were gamey in a way that often detracted or distracted.

Torchbearer: 6
It sounds interesting enough to give it a try, especially if it were a single chapter. How long would you see such a campaign going?


#9 August 06, 2016 10:08:43

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Game Thoughts

Arcanis seems interesting. I read the rules and can clearly see the D&DNA, right down to “Free Strikes” and the totally-not-saving-throws. I like a lot of the rules tweaks they made (2d10 is less swingy than 1d20! Charging should buff damage and not to-hit! Armor should be DR! Fate points are fun!). Tick-based initiative a la Hackmaster is a neutral feature for me. I think I would enjoy trying it out.

But hey, if the setting is late Roman Empire-esque, we could always try GURPS Roma Arcana. We could do similar stuff but we all already know where Gaul is when people mention it, what the language is like, and have some sense of world history. Plus, you know, GURPS!

Torchbearer is a thing I really want to try. The intro reassured me after I started worrying it was more of a co-op inventory management board game than a roleplaying game - it is clearly intended to be a roleplaying game. That said, I would totally play a co-op inventory management board game with you guys.

Mage: The Awakening was an experience I enjoyed last time I played a short campaign of it (like 4 sessions) years ago, when new World was new. Conspiracy kooky funtimes sounds perfectly good to me; I think I have consistently liked this campaign idea when it was pitched in the past but it was usually my second or third choice. I still like it and would happily play it.


#10 August 06, 2016 12:34:26

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Game Thoughts

Going through and commenting more specifically on anything I rated a 7 or better.

Chronicles of Darkness: What can I say, I like WoD. I started in WoD and I'll likely keep playing WoD as long as they keep producing. I hadn't played a lot of nWoD until recently, but I loved the newer editions quite a bit.
Changeling the Lost: There's a lovely sort of Melancholy to Changeling. What do you do when your life moved on without you? What do you do when you look in the window and see someone wearing your face seated at the dinner table surrounded by your friends and loved ones? The newest edition of Changeling is good at making them feel less like victims and introducing more of an air of finding your place in a world that moved past you.
Hunter the Vigil: So, High Tier Hunter is very very very different from low Tier Hunter and I really really like High Tier Hunter. “I'm a dude with a Shotgun against the world” is fun and all, but eventually you fun out of ways to swing it. “I'm a telepathic FBI agent” is certainly different. As is “I am a holy warrior sent by catholic church” or “I am literally part demon”. Each of the Conspiracy's is unique and different and I like won't stop yowling for HtV games until I've had a chance to play each one. They're unique takes on the “Hunter” sort of genre, and I enjoy the raised stakes it lets you get away with. Instead of dudes fumbling against the dark, you're going to likely be hyper-competent in some fashion and have been sent here for a reason. And I dig that.
Geist the Sin Eater: Okay, this one was ranked so high because I'm really interested in the game. I admit I don't know enough to say what would excite me about it. I'm just really intrigued.
Mage the Awakening: In general: Mage is a really interesting game. I find the Path/Order divide to the be the best of the Divides and the most interesting and natural. I would be in for a conspiracy campaign, although the newest edition turned down the Atlantean Influence a bunch, which I was happy for. It's much more “Who knows where Magic comes from? Some people think Atlantis!”

Dark Heresy and honestly all other Warhammer iterations: I like the Warhammer universe, 40k and otherwise. I'd be happy to bop around in it for ahwile.

Deadlands: SO I HEAR STONE AND A HARD PLACE IS OUT. AS ARE HEXSLINGERS. x_x Basically I love Deadlands more than words and I always want to play it and I've been aggressively not reading Stone and a Hard Place.

Deadlands: Hell On Earth and Lost Colony and all the others: The setting is interesting and intriguing to me. I admit to having less general interest in Lost Colony even than my first number would suggest. Lost Colony is not hugely something I'm into, but Hell on Earth is awesome as a setting and I want to play in it.

D&D 5: Honestly, I just wanna play in its rules system.

Marvel SAGA: I thought this worked really well as a system for this kind of thing, and as rules light as it was I loved it, so that's gotta count for something. I also really want to play my Zatana rip off back-up.

Saga Machine and Savage Worlds: Both systems I enjoy quite a bit. I feel like they have a good amount of crunch and customization.

World of Darkness Classic: Hello, cWoD my old friend…
Changeling the Dreaming: Changeling is much more whimsy in old world. In a GRIMDARK world, Changelings are in the corner rolling around and sparkling folks with pixie dust. I think it's a refreshing change and a unique take on the world with the Dreaming, plus the “Faerie souls are born into human bodies” conceit is an interesting one to me.
Demon the Fallen: Their take on demon is… unique in a way that intrigues me. That low Torment demons begin to look/feel more like angels is cool, and the various factions/paths are interesting to me.
Hunter the Reckoning: I love Hunter the Reckoning and I've barely ever gotten to play it. The unique spin on the “hunter” genre of “Well, you have powers…. sort of… but they seem to just be manifestations of your own human spirit and also where did they even come from and why is there this language only you can understand?” plus the various creeds are all fascination questions and the ways the different Creeds interact with the world is great and kind of awesome.
Mage the Ascension: The free-formness of old Mage is great. I love it, although it's also its greatest weakness. My favorite thing in old Mage is Paradigm, which I can get in pretty much every campaign. I like thinking about my magic and where it comes from.
Sorcerer: All of the fun of the Mage setting, none of the shenanigans of Spheres. Carry on.
Wraith: This is basically just “IDK Wraith seemed p. cool?”

Aaaand, for posterity, Torchbearer!
This sounds awesome and I'm super in.


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