What Lies Beneath: Week 6

What Lies Beneath: Week 6

This past week we’ve made great progress whipping the layout of What Lies Beneath into shape! In fact, we are now happy to report that the vast bulk of the layout work is done. However, page references still need to be added; the table of contents and index both need to be generated; and there are still four pages where the text needs to be massaged slightly to fit the space. Once these tasks are completed, the book will officially move from layout into art direction.

Taking stock of our remaining art requirements, we currently have three ongoing commissions, including a map of the city, which will become the focus of the Poster Map. In addition to these, we will need eleven more pieces of artwork before the book is ready for public release. We have an artist lined up for two of those pieces already. We’re also in the process of soliciting artists for three more. The remaining six pieces are in the queue.

In the upcoming week, our first priority is to finalize those art contracts and to shepherd along the ongoing commissions. We also plan to publicly release Shadows Over Sol: Dark Abyss, and to resume editing Age of Ambition: The Forslin Job, which will be our January release.

Here is where everything currently stands. Entries that are underlined had their status changed since last week.

What Lies Beneath

  • 1: Introduction - Layout complete, sans page references
  • 2: HeroesLayout complete, sans page references
  • 3: MelanocLayout complete, sans page references
  • 4: Buried SecretsLayout complete, sans page references
  • 5: What Lies BeneathLayout almost complete
  • 6: Side QuestsLayout complete, sans page references
  • 7: Dramatis PersonaeLayout almost complete


  • Melanoc Poster Map - Work ongoing
  • Player's Brief - Queued for production
  • One-Sheet Scenario #1 - Writing
  • One-Sheet Scenario #2 - Outlined
  • One-Sheet Scenario #3 - Queued for production

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