Shadows Over Sol: Dark Abyss is released!

Shadows Over Sol: Dark Abyss is released!

Desperate and on the run, the team accepts a job working on a research station near the bottom of the Mariana Trench. There, cut off from the outside world, they meet a crew with few scruples and many secrets. As conman plays conman, a kilometer away, an abandoned trove of dangerous technology sits alone and unguarded—but not inactive—hiding a monstrosity no one could have ever expected.

Dark Abyss features a high-pressure survival horror scenario for Shadows Over Sol. It is designed to run between one and three gaming sessions. Its features include:

  • A tight-knit cast of characters, isolated near the deepest part of the ocean
  • A new secret weapons project, operated by the arms manufacturer Xenocom
  • An unstoppable killing machine that the team must escape!

Shadows Over Sol: Dark Abyss

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