We're All Going to Die Here Kickstarter Live!

We're All Going to Die Here Kickstarter Live!

Today we have launched our third Kickstarter project, a tongue-in-cheek horror card game by the name of We're All Going to Die Here!

We’ve all seen the movies. A group of naive teenagers go off to explore a haunted house, or an abandoned hotel, or the woods at night. Everything seems fine at first. They party. They drink. They engage in the usual portrayal of teenage shenanigans. Things may get a little spooky, but everything’s alright until that first fateful scream. Before too long one of them turns to the others and says, “We’re all going to die here.”

We’re All Going to Die Here is a tongue-in-cheek card game about these usual victims exploring their ill-fated surroundings as they try to make the most of the night. Most will die. Some may survive to see the dawn. But it’s not a game about being the last person standing. It’s a game about the proper gory death.

If you’re a horror movie aficionado watching a new flick, you can probably tell pretty early on who’s going to be among the first to die and who’s likely to make it to the end. The early victims all enact certain cliches: They drink. They split up from the group. They sleep around. The characters likely to survive to the end are a little more sensible. And they get a good deal of spotlight.

In We’re All Going to Die Here every player takes on the role of one of the victims trying to survive the night. At the end of every round one or more of them will be killed. Over the course of the game victims will accumulate two kinds of points: Cliche determines which victim will die next. Spotlight, on the other hand, determines which player will win in the end.

Once a player’s victim dies they typically can no longer accumulate more Spotlight or Cliche—these values are locked in. Instead they switch sides. The players join the haunt, playing detrimental haunt effects that make the night all the more difficult for the remaining survivors. It's their goal at this point to keep the surviving victims from maintaining more spotlight than they have.

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