Tab Update: Third Quarter 2018

Tab Update: Third Quarter 2018

As with last quarter's Tab Update, we've been busy enough that I put off making this post until the middle of the quarter. But it's time to dust off the keyboard and get typing!

As with last quarter, the main focus of this quarter so far has been on fulfilling the Siren's Call Kickstarter. As of this post, all of the PDF rewards have been sent out and the book is at the printers. This leaves us in one of those awkward moments where we've been super-busy, and once the book's printed we'll be busy again, but right now there's little to do for the Kickstarter other than wait.

We've been using this rare quiet moment to make small bug fixes and upgrades to our website and to create a list of reviewers we want to contact about reviewing our games. Speaking of which: Do you have a favorite RPG reviewer who might be interested in reviewing Shadows Over Sol? Or have you experienced a bug in our website? If the answer to either of the questions is yes, then we want to hear from you!

In other news, we released two adventures through our Patreon last month. Those areĀ Dime Adventures: Prairie Dogs Ripped My Flesh! and Shadows Over Sol: The Nereus Incident. The latter of these was a special bonus adventure unlocked through the Patreon challenge cross-promotion with the Kickstarter.

Looking to the future, our first priority is finishing the Siren's Call fulfillment. As that winds down, however, we are giving an increasing amount of thought to our upcoming games.

We recently dusted off the files for We're All Going to Die Here, our in-development comedy horror card game. Last month we playtested the rules as they currently stand, and we'll be making another development pass on them in the upcoming months. It's informative to put a game down for a few years and come back to it anew with fresh eyes.

We also recently started some preliminary internal playtests for Shattered Dominion, which will be the next Saga Machine roleplaying game. These I like to think of exploratory playtests. That is, they are exploring possible mechanical directions for the game to take and gleaning feedback before one is decided upon.

Finally, in the coming weeks, and as time allows, we plan to begin a series of weekly development posts, illuminating the development of these two games and looking back at the design choices in our past games. Keep an eye out for this series in the future!

That's all for now, and good gaming!

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