Tab Update: Second Quarter 2023

Tab Update: Second Quarter 2023

Hello friends, fans and gaming family! At this point we're well into 2023 and our big projects for the year are well underway. Let's delve in!

Our first priority for the quarter was the fullfillment of What Lies Beneath, as well as the public release of its unlocked extras. We're happy to say that as of last week, the final unlocked One-Sheet Scenario was made public and fulfillment is complete. Thank you to everyone who helped make the campaign possible!

February brought our biggest announcement of the year: the Saga Machine Unified playtest. As we look to the future and consider the possibility of new editions of our games, we want to streamline and unify our mechanics in a way that supports our fans' preferences and makes it easy to go from one game line to another. So far we have released three playtest packets, with the most recent focusing on character creation. For now, we plan to continue releasing one playtest packet per month, until the system is ready.

Meanwhile, January saw the Patreon release and quickerstarter launch of The Forslin Job. While it was successful, we worry about our fans suffering from crowdfunding burnout. To help combat this, and as an experiment, we plan to Kickstart April and July's Patreon releases together sometime later in the year, possibly combining them with a few extras. In theory, this will allow us to focus more on its Kickstarter launch and to space out our campaigns. This means that patrons already have Age of Ambition: Game Master's Toolkit in their hands. July will see the release of Age of Ambition: Heights of Power, a supplement packed full of high-powered options.

Not everything goes without issue. Our next Shadows Over Sol scenario was outlined and sent to a freelance writer last quarter. Sadly, he had to back out a month ago, so we're once again searching for the right freelancer for the project. This scenario had been scheduled for July, but is now a likely candidate for the October release.

Finally, we have a new campaign in the works for Age of Ambition. It's just moved from the outline stage into writing. Not only does it serve as a possible follow-up to What Lies Beneath, but it's a higher-powered campaign, focusing on organization / domain management and heroes who are truly political movers and shakers. Release isn't likely until next year, but expect updates throughout the quarters to come.

That's all for now. Good gaming, everyone!

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