Tab Update: Second Quarter 2019

Tab Update: Second Quarter 2019

The second quarter is more behind us than before us, and here we are just now making the quarterly Tab Update. November 2018 was the first month in which we didn't post to the Tab Blog since March 2011. This has since been followed by two more missed months, in February and March 2019.

This is a trend we don't wish to continue. Our resolution going in to the second half of this year is to focus more on communication with our loyal fans.

That said, we've been missing blog posts in part because we've been nose-to-the-grindstone, working on games.

This quarter started with us making the official announcement of Age of Ambition, our upcoming forward-facing fantasy roleplaying game. While we talked about it in our blog last year, it's good to have a name officially decided upon and the game announced. Expect to hear more about Age of Ambition in the near future.

This was followed up with the release of Shadows Over Sol: Abuja Fallout Zone. This release was exciting because it continues to expand the Shadows Over Sol universe. In particular, this was the first adventure or supplement set on Earth, which other than a blurb, was largely unexplored in the core rulebook.

Finally, the first semi-public Age of Ambition playtest was released just a few days ago to our Patreon backers and a select few other playtesters. This phase of the playtest has gotten off to a good start, as we've already gotten feedback and continue to improve the game. We expect this playtest to last throughout the summer. Then, sometime around the end of the summer, we'll release the next phase, which will be the game's first fully public playtest.

Looking forward to the quarter ahead, we plan to release Dime Adventures: Wild Hunt in July. This will be followed by the aforementioned public playtest for Age of Ambition. We have our semi-annual company meeting coming up in a few weeks, during which we'll map out the continuing plans for all of our game lines. Meanwhile, we're already working on a Shadows Over Sol release for October and, of course, we're still working on our upcoming comedy horror card game, We're All Going to Die Here. Throw in the resolution we made to post to the blog more, and that about sums up our next quarter plans.

Good gaming!

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