Tab Update: Q4 2015

Tab Update: Q4 2015

We’ve had a great quarter! Production is back on track. Revenue is up. We’ve had a successful Kickstarter! Let’s review:

Our one truly new release this quarter was Against the Dark Yogi: Ready-Made Heroes. It’s done modestly well, and we are looking into how to best market the release of new supplements. This quarter also saw the release of the Against the Dark Yogi Bundle on DriveThruRPG. Finally, Against the Dark Yogi was featured in July as part of the Fantasy Frontiers Bundle of Holding. This was a great experience, and we are happy to both support the Bundle of Holding and the charities it helps fund.

  •  Q3 2015 saw 555 sales of the Against the Dark Yogi core rulebook!

The biggest event of the quarter was the launch and success of the Shadows Over Sol Kickstarter! In the end, we raised over $8,700 towards the publication of our latest greatest science fiction horror RPG. Since the close of the funding period, we’re already gotten the ball rolling on the production of the game, and even posted the first of our weekly updates on the game’s progress.

In the convention world, we had a minimal presence this quarter at Gen Con, and an even more minimal presence at Top Con. We hope to scale up our con presence next year, but plans for that are still in flux.

Looking to the future, this quarter our primary focus will be on the production of Shadows Over Sol and its unlocked supplements. We don’t expect it to be completed this quarter, but we hope to move the core game from art direction to layout, with the release of the final PDF sometime in Q1 2016. The release of its unlocked supplements should come in the few months following the core.

We also have a couple Against the Dark Yogi adventures in the works: one currently in writing and one currently at the outline stage. While it's possible that one of these may see release this quarter, Q1 2016 is also likely. We are currently in the process of making plans for further future adventure releases.

And that’s the news from this quarter. Happy gaming!

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